Discover The Excellent Stretch That Yoga Chair Pose Offers


The yoga chair pose is a strong pose which works on the spine and the leg muscles. It provides an excellent stretch through the chest and shoulders and is an active posture. You can deepen the pose, keeping the stretch strong. With numerous benefits, you should make sure to utilize this pose.



Yoga Chair Pose Benefits

This pose stimulates the abdominal organs and the heart, it stretches the shoulders and the chest and also works to strengthen the spine, glutes, and the legs. It also promotes healthy feet and can improve those who have flat feet too.

Starting Point

Practice this pose against a wall if you are just starting to learn. Place yourself against the wall, with your back approximately two inches away from it. The idea is that as you bend into the posture, you extend the tailbone so that it touches the wall. This acts as a form of support. As you become stronger in the pose, you can move away from the wall.

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