These Pure Essential Oils Will Get Your Youth Back


Medicinal herbs and aromatherapy have long been used to treat a wide range of health conditions and to promote health generally. Many have wonderful anti-aging properties that can firm up your skin and help you look more youthful than ever. Interested? Check out these fabulous pure essential oils that really work.

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Take the Holistic Route With Pure Essential Oils

Most people think about herbs for culinary purposes but they have an abundance of healing properties too. Aromatherapy oils can be used in multiple ways but are excellent for boosting healthy-looking skin. They have wonderful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties which can really help with skin care. Of course, using herbs or oils alone will not be enough to stop the clock when it comes to aging. It’s about personal lifestyle choices too. The idea is that we reduce the biological age rather than speed it up. This means taking a natural approach to skincare and this is where pure essential oils play an important role.

The Aging Process

Cell division crawls to a slow pace as the aging process kicks in and this means the outer layer of the skin (epidermis) starts to lose its suppleness. It becomes thinner and you may notice that age spots or wrinkles start to develop. But if you do not look after yourself generally, if you smoke, if you have a poor diet, or do not protect your skin from harmful elements such as the sun or even central heating, your skin is going to look worse for wear.

So, herbs and pure essential oils together can boost health from the inside and out and help to regenerate skin. But you can also help yourself by looking after all aspects of health. This means drinking plenty of fresh water per day which will naturally hydrate your skin. Try to reduce drinking tea and coffee or alcohol. At least minimize it.

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Learn how to de-stress by using meditation and practice yoga to soothe, calm, and tone body and mind. We know that stress can accelerate the aging curve and it can damage cells, so it makes sense to opt for natural ways in which to reduce the negative effect of stress.

Develop a Holistic Beauty Regime

Make the most of nature’s store and this way you will stay younger looking for longer.  Avoid using soaps or alcohol-based products on your skin. You need to tone and cleanse your skin daily, preferably morning and night. If you have noticed the skin around your eyes looking less than firm, one trick is to use rose-hip seed oil to a small amount of wheat germ oil and pat onto the eyes leaving overnight. The types of pure essential oils used will vary much depending on the type of skin you have. Some people will have oily skin, others dry, and so on. So, do a little research to find the right oils for you.

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On a clinical level, chamomile is known for its anti-inflammatory properties. It is hypoallergenic and has been proven to protect the skin against any everyday irritants. Use it fresh from the garden as a tea or purchase it as a pure essential oil. Roman chamomile has increased levels of the organic compounds to boost the regeneration of skin cells.


Lavender has many antioxidant qualities and helps with anti-aging because it tones the skin as well as promoting regeneration at a cellular level. Use it in its pure essential oil form and it can be added straight to the skin if necessary so to help heal any wounds or burns. It’s also anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antiseptic too.

Frankincense Oil

As we age, skin cell regeneration slows down. However, if you use frankincense pure essential oil and add just a few drops to a good carrier oil and apply to your skin overnight, you will notice a more youthful appearance in the morning. It promotes skin cell growth but use it to reverse tell-tale signs of aging such as wrinkles.

pure essential oilsRose

Rose essential oil is wonderful for helping to moisturize skin. It improves blood flow to the skin and enables vital nutrients to replenish cells. It also aids collagen and improves skin elasticity. Use a good carrier oil and add just a few drops and this will have a wonderful anti-aging effect. It hydrates skin beautifully.

Sandalwood Essential Oil

This is a wonderful oil to help regenerate sagging skin. If you have noticed your skin lose its elasticity of late, use sandalwood in your chosen carrier oil and it can help you to look radiant and younger. The scent is beautiful too and it can help you to de-stress as you turn back time.

Ylang Ylang

This is a great pure essential oil that helps maintain collagen. In time, your skin will feel smoother and more toned with renewed elasticity. If you use ylang ylang regularly as part of your beauty routine, you are likely to notice the improvement of fine lines and wrinkles too. The scent is also wonderful and it can help to de-stress the mind and help to eradicate the signs of stress on your skin.


This oil has excellent anti-inflammatory properties and will reduce cellular inflammation. It’s also packed full of antioxidants. Myrrh combats free radicals that interact with oxygen on the skin. It’s this that makes skin look and feel tired.

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Many people use geranium pure essential oil on their skin to help combat the ravages of time. It’s ideal if you have oily skin as it can reduce open pores and will even help with spots or acne breakouts. In addition, geranium oil has an abundance of antioxidants and this is important for fighting against the free radicals that age your skin.

Use essential oils in multiple ways. In the main, dilute them in a good carrier oil or in water. When it comes to skincare, they are absorbed through the skin and each one has unique qualities. These oils promote health and renew skin cells and you will soon see and feel the difference. Always double-check any contraindications before using as some oils will not be suitable for all.