Tighten Your Core Muscles with The Plank Yoga Pose


Do you want tighter core muscles and want to shape and tone your torso? Try the plank yoga pose which strengthens your arms, wrists and shoulders. Plank pose is a great prelude to balancing postures where your arms and shoulders need to be strong. Ready?

yoga pose

Have fun with plank pose (Kumbhakasana)

Plank pose is not the easiest pose to master in the yoga posture repertoire however, it is an essential pose to strengthen all the core muscles. This includes the muscles of the back, the abdomen and chest. When you practice this yoga pose, you build stamina and increase endurance. In addition, it also tones the nervous system.

Simply, plank yoga pose is an arm balancing pose. The Sanskrit name means breath retention and asana. Traditionally, you were to hold your breath briefly prior to moving into the lower push up position.

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