How To Practice Yoga Even When You’re On The Go


Traveling may broaden the mind but it can wreak havoc on your yoga practice.  When you can’t practice regularly you may feel guilty, so here’s the best way to keep your yoga fresh wherever you are in the world.


Change Your Routine

It’s good to keep your practice fresh as many people fall into the habit of perfecting the same old routines. While these may work wonders on the areas of the body you wish to tone and shape, you could be neglecting other areas.

Balance Your Yoga Session

Yoga is all about balance. Not the postures specifically but the balance in your body. Remember, forward bends are balanced by backward bends and sideways stretches must occur on both sides. Your aim is not just to increase flexibility but to work on strength. You must think about posture, inner harmony, toning up the internal organs, and more. So, if you analyze your regular practice, you may find you are missing out on some crucial postures. 

Traveling Light

Depending on your circumstances and where you are going, you may wish to travel light. Although your yoga mat is not heavy, it’s doubtful you will want to take it with you, but as your mat is synonymous with your session, this alone can interrupt the flow. Endeavor to find time and space and work out a yoga schedule that suits your holiday mode.

Having Space to Move


If you are staying in a hotel or bed and breakfast, you will have to see how much room you have to move in. A small room does not offer many possibilities however, you can take your yoga practice to the bed. This works well, especially if the mattress is firm. Indulge in the cat and cow posture, perform the cobra pose, and practice the lying down twist. You will stretch the spine and the waist and squeeze those abdominal muscles. 

Outdoor Session

When space is limited inside, move your practice session outside. Find somewhere inspiring or private. Perhaps, try a grassy knoll so that you can stretch out to your heart’s content. If it’s mid-summer and you are near the beach but don’t fancy performing in front of thousands who are baking in the sun, be flexible. Adjust your time and practice yoga at sunrise. It’s the perfect time for sun salutations. Practice restorative yoga on the beach in the evening before going to sleep.

Image Credit: DoYouYoga


Find a Wall and Work it Out

If you have a wall free from furniture in your hotel room, perform legs up the wall pose. Or try supported shoulder stand. You can also stand against the wall and perform the triangle pose. If you are determined, you will find a way. 

Yoga is all about being adaptive and it doesn’t matter where you are, or how much space, you will always be able to practice a little. Just go with the flow, that’s what yoga is all about. Plus, it will be fun. You can still stretch out your body and achieve many benefits of your usual practice session. So, don’t think you can’t practice yoga on the go, you just need to embrace the space and the time at your disposal.