Here’s How You Can Actually Do Yoga With Your Dog (Yes… You Really Can)


After a rough day at work, who is always there to greet you at the door and cuddle your troubles away? As the master of the downward dog, and bringing joy to your hectic life, your pup makes the perfect yoga companion! Paws and reflect with these simple dog yoga poses to live in the moment just like your peaceful pooch.

Dog Yoga
Image Credit: Animal Reiki Source

Introduction to Dog Yoga or ‘Doga’

If you have a larger dog, Child’s Pose is the perfect place to start. Gently rest your forehead on his back in the pose. According to Yoga Journal, you may also drape yourself over him during Wheel Pose, as you hold this energizing backbend. For smaller pups, consider completing a forward fold. As you extend your upper body and reach your arms to touch the ground, gently hold onto your pup to achieve a deeper stretch.

Doggy Mudras 

For increased connectivity between you and your dog, try these bonding mudras by HuffPost. In a seated position, place one hand over your heart and bring the other hand to your pup’s heart center. Now that your heart chakras are activated, it’s time to incorporate the mind. Sit on your knees and stretch forward with your hands clasped and arms extended in the sky to stretch. From here, bring your forehead to meet your dog’s forehead for a mindful energy exchange.

Benefits for You and Your Dog 

You and your loyal companion will benefit from this practice as you both work to increase circulation, release anxiety and enjoy this special time together. Why not add a little woof to your yoga wisdom?