4 Office Yoga Poses Will Enhance Your Productivity And Wellbeing At Work!


Bogged down by stress and pressure at the office? Hunched over a desk for hours without end? Your daily work routine can put a lot of stress on your mental and physical wellbeing. Try this easy office yoga routine to relieve tension and find your personal oasis at the office.

Seated Crescent Moon Pose

Reverse the compressing effects of the desk slouch with this lengthening pose, which you can do sitting in a chair. With your arms held above your head, slowly lean to one side and hold for two to three mindful breaths. Switch to the other side.

office yoga
Image Credit: Yoga Destiny

Cat Cow

Seated in your chair using long deep breaths, place your hands on your knees. On an inhale, slowly arch your spine up the ceiling with your eyes gazing upward. On an exhale, curve the spine inward into a round shape.

office yoga
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Seated Eagle Twist

This gentle pose relieves tension in the upper body. Wrap the right arm over the left arm so palms are almost touching. Keep the forearms intertwined for however long is comfortable and switch arms.


office yoga
Image Credit: Rejuvenation Lounge

Chair Pigeon Pose

Find balance at last with Chair Pigeon Pose. Sit comfortably in your chair. Cross one leg over the other at a 90-degree angle with a flexed foot. Hold for up to 10 breaths with weight distributed equally on both sits bones. 

office yoga
Image Credit: Varidesk.com