The New Year Resolutions That Every Yogi Makes, But Eventually Breaks


It’s that time of year again. Time to make new year’s resolutions that will better your life. We all try to start fresh each year, but sometimes we set impossible goals for ourselves. Here are a few resolutions we’ve all made over the years and why it’s okay to break them.

Attend One Yoga Class Every Day

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You’ve probably made some form of these new year’s resolutions before- “I’m going to go to yoga class every single day.” Maybe yours wasn’t as extreme. Perhaps you said, “I’m going to go every other day,” or “I’m going to go three times a week.” Whatever your particular schedule was, you resolved to do more yoga.

However, most of the time “every single day” just isn’t realistic. There are days our bodies need a break. There are days where there are just too many things to get done, and that’s okay. Yoga should compliment your life. It should be a stress relief, not a stress itself. If you’re feeling guilty for not attending class as often, give yourself a break and realize you are doing the best you can.

A better resolution would be- “I resolve to attend more yoga classes and to really listen to my body.” Adding just one class a week can make a difference. You don’t need to break the bank or your sanity to improve your schedule.

I’m Going To Eat Totally Organic

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We yogis are typically pretty aware of what we’re putting into our bodies. After spending hours on our mats, listening to our body, we’ve got a pretty great grasp of what it needs. However, our new year’s resolution to eat an entirely clear, organic, or sugar-free diet might not be the best idea. No one wants to feed their muscles junk after spending so long to tone them. However, strict and extreme diets of any kind rarely help and often hurt.

When we deprive ourselves of occasional treats and indulgences, we’re more likely to binge later. Instead of resolving to never eat unhealthy foods, perhaps say, “I want to eat healthier overall and indulge only when I really crave something.” This way we leave room to be human.

The Best New Year’s Resolutions

Perhaps the most important resolution you can make this year is to be kind to yourself. You’re already doing something great by practicing yoga there’s no need to pick apart your habits and feel guilt for not being the “best yogi possible.” Let’s be the best versions of ourselves we can be this year.