New to Yoga? Shake Out Those Stiff Joints and Aching Muscles


When you clamber out of bed in the morning, do you find yourself groaning as your joints click and your muscles protest? If your back aches and your body is tense, you may need to re-develop the ability to bend and stretch. Get ready to wake up your body with yoga.


What Is Yoga?

If you are a complete yoga newbie, then with a little practice, you will soon be enjoying the many benefits that accompany this age-old system. Your flexibility will improve as yoga tones and shapes your body. Best of all, there is no need to strain, yoga is pleasurable.

Hatha yoga has been around for centuries, it is tried and tested with many dedicated followers. There is much focus on the physical aspects of yoga and although it is a complete lifestyle system, many people are drawn to yoga because of the physical benefits. When you start to practice, you naturally absorb the other aspects associated with yoga, including breathing techniques and meditation. These add new healing layers to your practice and you’ll feel calmer and more in control as a result.  

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