[Kundalini Yoga] Awaken Your Inner Life Force Through The Power Of Your 7 Chakras


Kundalini yoga is a unique blend of Raja, Shakti, and Bhakti yoga and its origins are steeped in history, all the way back to 1000 B.C. It provides a unique way to improve health and well-being, to eliminate bad karma from past lives, and to achieve full potential and life purpose in the here and now. Try Kundalini yoga and it will extend your yoga practice in ways that you cannot imagine.

Kundalini yoga

The Coiled Serpent

The word Kundalini means ‘spiritual energy or life force located at the base of the spine.’ Think of this as a coiled-up serpent. The purpose is to awaken the sleeping serpent via the 7 chakras. If you are unfamiliar with the chakras, visualize these as whirling vortexes of energy and once open, they promote free-flowing energy throughout the body. If any chakra becomes blocked, health can be affected.   

A Blend of Meditation and Kriya

Kundalini yoga has a unique blend of traditions. It is a very powerful yoga form and the goal is to raise body awareness. It does this through regular practice of meditation and kriyas. This includes a series of breath, postures, and sound. This is an essential part of the form so that the body and mind can cope with the intensity of free-flowing energy. The term for this is ‘Kundalini rising’.

Kundalini yoga provides many challenges and will, therefore, help sustain interest as development increases.   

Transformation in Kundalini Yoga

There are many benefits of kundalini yoga. By practicing regularly and by performing sequences, benefits are far greater. Many students of this style say that it is addictive and, this is because the benefits are experienced quickly and continue throughout. Goals are precise and there is a greater focus on the aspects of self that need transformation. This is an ideal type of yoga for those who desire short and long-term progression even though many of the more advanced sequences are challenging physically. This simply encourages commitment and focus.  

Benefits are Far-Reaching

Students of this yoga style state that their lives become transformed. Also, they feel happier, healthier with improved energy levels. As a result, they feel more alive and have a clearer mindset. But kundalini yoga works to tone and strengthen the body too as well as increase flexibility. 

First of all, it is best to study with an expert simply because kundalini yoga is both complex and intense. There is so much to learn, in particular, when studying the bandhas. These release and control energy within the body. Also, there is a need to tune into the mind and body and to turn the attention inwards. 

what is kundalini yoga

Spiritual Awakening

Regular practice accelerates the awakening on a spiritual level thereby encouraging an intuitive stance. This means listening to the body and understanding it along with the endorsement of perseverance. It is also about developing an awareness of the energy that flows internally and externally. Consequently, if you wish to extend your yogic practice and to increase your energy and inner power, Kundalini yoga provides you with multiple challenges and benefits.