[Iyengar Yoga] Why You Should Try This Unique Yoga Practice ASAP


Have you ever wondered if your yoga teacher was really qualified to teach? If you have then try Iyengar yoga. They train for five years and their classes are a little different.

iyengar yoga

The Belts, Blocks, Bricks and Bolsters Method

If you consider that yoga is for everyone no matter their shape, age, or flexibility, then it’s worth trying out Iyengar yoga because they use an array of props to ensure you gain the maximum stretch without strain. Simply put, you don’t need to overdo the stretch and struggle to reach that extreme posture to gain benefits. In fact, it’s the opposite. It’s all about alignment. When you push your body too far, you can injure yourself and alignment goes out the window. If you have considered yoga props as cheating, think again, they enable you to gain so many benefits.

Why Alignment is Important

Yoga is non-competitive and so, there should never be the urge to push your body beyond its limits. In Iyengar yoga, there is a commitment to working on every aspect of the body. Many people compensate for those less than supple areas but this doesn’t aid progression. Using props enables an all over workout. So, yes, even those areas that are less supple progress. Correct alignment enables you to stretch without muscular strain.

Brain Health

Iyengar yoga also stimulates your brain. If you have been feeling fuzzy headed and clarity of mind is less than sharp, start practicing the Iyengar way. Within the session, you will cultivate a sense of being in the present, of awareness and a connectedness with your body and mind. Forget what is happening off the mat. Your focus is on that sacred space.

Iyengar yoga

Iyengar Yoga and Variety

Whenever you attend class, you will discover something new about yoga. You will learn to move more deeply into the postures and to understand the connection between health and wellness as well as start the healing from any imbalance. Each class is unique, progressive, and remedial. It is also potentially the most well-known and well-practiced of all the forms of yoga and there’s a reason for this: it works.