How To Deal With Digestive Problems Using Fennel Essential Oil


Have you have used essential oils for healing purposes before? Then you are probably used to the well-known oils such as lavender or tea tree oil. The health benefits of fennel essential oil are many. If you have digestive problems, they are definitely worth a try.

health benefits of fennel essential oil


Health Benefits of Fennel Essential Oil

Fennel has a long history of being used as both a food and medicine. It was used by the ancient Egyptians and was even thought to drive away evil spirits. It is a perennial plant, native to the Mediterranean but is found commonly throughout the world. The seeds, once dried, are used in cooking and dried ripe seeds, along with oil of fennel is used to make medicine. Fennel is part of the carrot family.

It is considered a safe essential oil, but it is advisable that pregnant women or young children should avoid using as it may affect estrogen levels. For those who suffer from epilepsy, avoid taking this oil. Fennel essential oil has been used for digestive health for a long time and with its strong licorice-like flavor, it may help improve your digestive health. It helps improve balance within the diet while supporting the digestive process.

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