Mind, Body and Soul – The Healing Power of Yoga and Meditation


Any source of injury can be frustrating. It can certainly takes time for full health to return, although, this is dependent on the type of injury and how it occurred. You may feel fearful as to whether the injury will heal quickly, or at all, and this is where the healing power of yoga and meditation can assist.

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Injury fears and the healing power of yoga and meditation

Depending on the type of injury, you may be dealing with pain as well as fear. Concerns that the injury will not heal properly may seem a very real possibility. You may worry that it will not heal fast enough. You may feel angry and certainly frustrated if movement is restricted and, your life has changed dramatically as a result. Unfortunately, the body must heal at its own pace and if not careful, you may find that these inner frustrations and anger can eat away at you, hampering the healing progress. 

The most important aspect of any injury is to give yourself time to recover. This may mean resetting your mindset that it is going to take a specific period – weeks or even months for recovery to occur. You may be under the advisement of your hospital and have a recovery plan of action, although this may seem painfully slow. Accepting that the injury has occurred is important because you can then take stock of your situation and this, reduces the frustrations that come hand in hand with injury, pain and recovery.

Tips for injury recovery

Consider what happened and why so you can avoid a similar injury going forward

Understand the damage to the body and consider how to get back to full health

Stop fretting. This may not be easy to do but it is important. Negative thoughts will restrict healing and only frustrate.

Practice meditation and yoga to accelerate the healing curve.

healing power

The healing power of yoga

If you are experienced with yoga, don’t give it up now, yes, even if you have an injury. Of course, any yoga practice is going to be inhibited by the injury itself. There will be some postures that are not possible. If the injury is too extensive, then, simply schedule a yoga practice session into your schedule for the coming weeks and this gives you something to work towards. If you have injured your leg, you can still practice yoga from a chair or sitting on a bed, if you have injured your back, practice some postures while on the bed. Adapt your session.

Try out different poses that will not affect the injury but that will still give the healing power of yoga to other parts of the body. It’s important to work alongside yoga, to take a more intuitive approach, and to focus completely on your breathing, trying to regain a connection between the mind, body and spirit.  injury or not, you can still strive for greater harmony. You can focus on achieving greater relaxation and inner peace instead and this has numerous benefits including helping to kick-start the healing process.

Work with the body

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The whole goal with yoga is to work with the body and not against it. So, gentle stretches are adequate. It’s about tuning into the body, working on areas that are not injured, eliminating tension and moving only as far as your body is able to. It’s not about pushing the body into extreme postures, it’s about contemplating how far you can move safely. There may be new parameters to abide by. If your body hurts, or there is a glimmer of pain, don’t move. Stop and turn your attention to the injury and let the muscular tension dissipate.

Once your body has started healing and you can feel the progress, you can increase these movements but do so carefully. Simple stretches are all that is needed still. If you have not been able to practice yoga for a while, your body may feel stiff and unyielding and you may even feel as if the pose is awkward, but this is okay. Focus purely on the breath as you move and enable the breath to be the resource that helps your body to relax and stretch into position. It may take time before you can extend deeply into the ultimate hold but there’s no rush. Let go of all other thoughts.


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Meditation and yoga have always been linked. Within any yoga practice, you potentially perform a moving meditation, or should do. You must fully concentrate on the posture and connect to the feeling within the pose. But meditation helps your body in so many other ways and so, is the perfect partner for yoga enthusiasts. It helps in all the ways that you would expect, for stress management and for relaxation but, it can also promote inner healing.

Meditation can really help to start the healing process. You can aid the process by visualizing the body healing while in a meditative state. Depending where the injury is, your focus must be on harmonizing and restoring the cells at this point. You can bathe your body in the most glorious blue-light which is synonymous with healing. If you have a swollen knee joint, flood the area with healing blue energy and visualize the inflammation reducing little by little. If you have a back injury, direct a healing blue energy to those muscles or vertebrae. Visualize the damaged area healing and knitting back together.

Practice this over and over. If you feel impatient and frustrated, use meditation to let these negative feelings go. Both meditation and yoga are adaptive. You can use them to help you irrespective of the situation. 


Irrespective of any injury, keeping your body as supple as it can be while you are recuperating is essential. This of course does mean stretching to within limits while not risking further injury. Any movement, even if only one inch can be surprisingly important in the healing game. Providing you are mindful throughout and applying full attention to any yoga postures, then, you will not injure yourself further, but you will promote inner health and you’ll feel so much better too. Your body will always try to tell you what it needs and so, it’s vital that you start to listen.

Meditation will help to speed up the whole recovery process and will harmonize mind, body and spirit so that you’ll feel the healing power within. With regular practice, you will gain a sense of peace while eradicating frustration.