How To Press The Pause Button On The Roller Coaster Of Life


What do you do when there is no pause button? Your life is frantic and you are desperate to stop the roller coaster of life. Your head feels as if it is about to pop and inner peace has given up. So, if this sounds all too familiar, it’s okay. There is a perfect solution. It’s time for the yoga mat.

yoga mat

Juggling Thoughts

It’s not easy to shut out all thoughts if your day has been tense and all-too demanding. We’ve all had days like it. Colleagues are constantly asking questions and the boss is demanding to know why the ‘to-do’ pile on your desk is not reducing. It’s overwhelming and the whole day just passed by in a blur. Worse, you feel as if you haven’t even scraped the surface of your workload. Now you are home but your head is still threatening to explode. The intensity of your thoughts is giving you a crushing headache. But wait, there’s a solution. You need your yoga mat. It’s time to switch off and shut out the demands of the day.  You need to focus on re-harmonizing yourself and gaining much-needed equilibrium.

The Yoga Mat is Your Friend

Yoga is an amazing resource. It’s gentle, kind, and nurturing and it works with you, not against you. Therefore, life isn’t an uphill struggle with yoga. It balances out the stresses and strains of the day and makes it easier to forget about them.  

The Yoga Mat is a Sacred Space

Once you step onto the yoga mat, you start to relax. It is as if the weight of the world has dropped off your shoulders. Suddenly, there is space between you and your problems. As you move into each yoga pose, you realize that your breathing naturally synchronizes with these postures. As you bend and stretch shrugging off the issues of the day, you remember, just how good this feels.

yoga mat

The Yoga Solution

The secret to yoga is that it takes your mind away from external distractions. It enables you to center yourself. Whether you are in the midst of a sun salutation or, moving into warrior pose, your focus is on alignment. Therefore, you tune into the synchronicity of your breath. As a result, you feel every muscle working, you embrace the stretch and the hold. Inner peace is back. In addition, yoga is like hugging an old friend. In conclusion, it has the power to stop the world and to let you recharge the batteries.