How To Master The Challenging Firefly Yoga Pose


The firefly yoga pose may look terrifying. Prepare yourself mentally by seeing it as a challenge. It needs a dedicated approach, practice and a lot of patience. But, if you have always wanted to have a go, here’s how. 

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Firefly Yoga Pose Basics

You need to develop strong arms for this pose since they must support your weight. At first, it can be worrying to lift the legs and to support the weight through the arms. Therefore, it’s important to practice this pose a little at a time. Focus on each movement (this is important). It’s a wonderful pose to open up the chest and heart although this might not be obvious at first. When done correctly, you lift the sternum and your shoulders should position down.

Practice this posture only after you have fully warmed up. It’s too strenuous a pose to practice without warming up the muscles. Add it to your daily routine rather than practicing when you are not fully in the zone. Before you tackle it, make sure your hamstrings, core muscles, and hips are more flexible. Part of the challenge of the firefly yoga pose is to take a leap of faith where you support your weight with your arms. There are so many benefits to this pose that make it worth it. You will feel amazing once you achieve this yoga pose and any stress or tension will start to dissipate. It’s also a great pose for developing acceptance of self.

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