Improve Digestion and Eradicate Stomach Bloating with Yoga


Part Two

Digestive problems are all-too common. Stomach bloating, when it happens, is uncomfortable and is often caused through stress or, poor digestion however, there may be underlying reasons. Try yoga as there are many postures which target the digestive area improving function and alleviating that bloated feeling. 

stomach bloating

How can yoga help eradicate stomach bloating?

Yoga works on the body as a whole. It helps to increase circulation and aids digestion while eliminating the potential for constipation. Although yoga is far more than a physical health system, the benefits are very real. Each yoga posture (asanas) helps to reduce the negative impact of stress on the body while stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system. In addition, it helps soothe the sympathetic nervous system. Yoga works to a very deep level and can ease the symptoms of stomach bloating. 

Regular sessions provide maximum benefits. A varied session increases health over the whole body but it is possible to target just the digestive system so to reduce bloating and to create a harmonizing balance within. Twisting postures are useful as are forward bends. In addition, consciously draw in the navel once you have exhaled fully and this helps massage internal organs.

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