7 Yoga Poses That Relieve The Worst Symptoms Of Diabetes


Diabetes is a disease with many myths surrounding it. Sadly, it is not curable but there are methods to help control the condition. Alongside prescribed medication, taking a holistic approach to health and by using yoga, it is possible to win back control.


Type 2 diabetes is a misunderstood condition. Unfortunately, it is escalating at a rapid rate in the western world and is thought to be linked to a poor diet. In fact, there is an increase of the disease in those countries where fast food places occur. A sedentary lifestyle and being overweight are linked to this illness.

The Truth

Being overweight puts a strain on health generally but it does not directly cause diabetes. There are plenty of people with type 2 diabetes who do not need to lose weight, which proves that being overweight is not necessarily the culprit. Those who have symptoms but who are not diabetics are often referred to as having pre-diabetes. This condition is connected to obesity. Once weight loss is achieved, their blood glucose levels return to normal.

It is often because of this that people state they have managed to cure diabetes but this is not the case. Unfortunately, once you become diabetic you have the condition for life. Another myth is that diabetes is connected to sugar. It is true that glucose is a type of sugar and a type 2 diabetic has too much free-floating glucose in their bloodstream but there is no link to sugar directly.

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