How To Develop And Maintain The Perfect Body Through Yoga Practice


Many people have a poor association with their body image, which is not uncommon. After all, we are bombarded with images from the media that depict the so-called ideal body shape and size, which are often totally unrealistic. Yoga helps you to find peace with your perception of self and to avoid poor body image. 

body image

Your Body Image

You may have found yourself doubting your looks or comparing your body to others. In fact, your whole focus may be on the physical aspects of self. When you look at yourself, do you see all that is supposedly wrong with your body or do you recognize that we all have aspects which could be improved? Are you happy with your looks or do you hide your body away? If it’s the latter, know that your body image is often a false perception. This is because we never see ourselves as we are in reality. When we compare our physical body to others, the comparison tends to be negative even if this is not the reality.

Body Image and Self-Esteem

Your body image and self-esteem are inextricably linked. Self-esteem is based on far more than your looks but also takes into account how much you value yourself. Boosting your self-esteem is important, this way, you will stop worrying about body image. Instead, you will focus on all aspects of you, those traits that really count. Your personality, strength, humor, and abilities in life.

body image

Body Image and Yoga

Yoga can boost your sense of body image dramatically. It isn’t just because yoga tones and streamlines your body, although it does do this. Yoga improves the connection you have with your body. It helps you to feel totally comfortable in your own skin.  Practice yoga regularly and remain focused on each of the asanas. This way, you shift your attention towards the positive. Although it is important to form correct alignment and to reach your maximum pose without straining, it’s not about body beautiful. It’s just about feeling confident and healthy.

Embrace Your Uniqueness

Each body is different. We are unique beings and we should celebrate that. It doesn’t matter about shape and size, it’s your perception of self that is the issue. You can’t change your basic DNA. You must work with the body you have, so it’s important to love who you are. Stop comparing yourself to others and focus on the internal benefits of a good yoga practice and you will feel happier for it.

When you stop worrying, you will learn to appreciate what you do have. With yoga, your health will naturally improve too. Plus, your physique will be stronger, leaner, and more flexible because you have committed to yoga and the effects are far-reaching.