Get The Most Out Of The Yoga Child Pose By Following These 8 Rules


Don’t you just love the moment when you come into yoga child pose and relax into the posture? This is a wonderful posture to offset feelings of stress and ease out muscular tension while increasing inner calmness. Here’s how to extend this posture to gain greater benefits.  


Emotional and Energy Benefits

Yoga child’s pose has a wonderful calming influence on the mind. It also activates the parasympathetic nervous system. In the posture, you place your forehead on the earth and become grounded and peaceful. The posture allows you to slow life down and reconnect with yourself and to the present moment. When life is stressful, it can be difficult to let go of any tension, which means this is the perfect yoga pose to reduce work stressors or fatigue.

When your mind is going crazy and is bombarded with unwelcome thoughts, the yoga child pose will provide you with a sense of tranquility. If your emotions are fluctuating and you feel a little overwhelmed or lost, this is the pose to nurture you. It enables you to shift your attention away from your mind and to the body and allows you to utilize your breath fully. It’s a way of turning your attention inwards. In many ways, this posture is akin to being back inside the womb. It’s a safe and comforting pose.

Physical Benefits of the Yoga Child Pose


As you settle into this posture, the front of your torso and your abdomen are placed between your thighs and as such, helps to alleviate bloating which can be greatly uncomfortable. It is also useful for alleviating the pain of menstrual cramps. If you have digestive problems, try yoga child pose. It stretches out the back, compresses the stomach and improves circulation. Improve flexion to the knees and feel the hips open.  

It is easy to damage your back through lifting awkwardly or through poor posture. Poor core muscles can also lead to back pain. The yoga child pose decreases tension in the body and stretches the spine. This is a relief if you sit for long periods of time. Stress is also a huge problem in life. Rising workloads and increased pressure can create tension in the body. By practicing the yoga child pose, it is possible to switch off certain stressors. There is comfort to be gained within the posture.

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