Use Your Body Like THIS To Prevent The Most Common Yoga Injuries


Every time you hit the mat, you are honoring your body with the gifts of strength, relaxation, and agility. Your intentions are pure. Although, a lack of attention to its potential dangers can wreak havoc on your body. Read on to learn about common yoga injuries and how to avoid them so you may achieve a healing practice.

common yoga injuries
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It’s All in the Wrist

Ever attempted Downward Dog or Plank position only to find yourself focused on the screaming pain in your wrists? A consistent practice can strengthen the mechanics of the wrists to alleviate this issue, but until then, this strain can be seriously painful. The solution here is to distribute your weight evenly on your hands. Make sure all 10 fingers are sinking into the mat so that your weight spreads from the palms to the fingers, instead of being centralized over the wrists.

Crunch Time

Give your lower back some love by avoiding the crunching, compressing approach that leads to pain. In each pose, find length in the spine as you engage the lower abdomen to support the pelvis and lower back. Visualize the tail bone extending towards the heels and the back expanding lengthwise.

Listen to Your Body

Forcing your body into a stretch does more harm than good, especially if you have any injuries and limitations. If you have back issues, Standing Forward Bend can create even more issues later on. Make sure to bend your knees, make use of props or skip out on this one. Similarly, Shoulder Stand, a popular inversion, compresses the spine and can bring pain to the neck if there were preexisting issues here. Be mindful and remember, your instructor is here to guide you through a safe and comfortable practice. Ask questions and do what’s best for you. Namaste.