How to Banish the Common Cold and Accelerate the Healing Process with Yoga


You wake up and your head feels as if it is filled with cotton wool and your nose is blocked and stuffy. Worse yet, your throat is on fire and is threatening to turn into a full-blown infection. The common cold is something we all dread, and so it’s important to avoid it or to recover as quickly as possible. Here’s how yoga can help.

common cold

The Common Cold

When the common cold strikes, it’s easy to feel miserable and energy levels may be at an all-time low. Although you are unlikely to feel ill, a cold will hamper everything you do and even the most mundane of tasks can take ages to complete. Headaches, sinus pain, and low energy levels plague every movement of the day and prevent you from sleeping well at night. This forms a vicious cycle – no sleep equals greater fatigue and with the pressure in your head compounding, the day ahead is difficult all over again.

Yoga helps you to resist the common cold as it keeps your immune system strong and helps to protect you. This is an important benefit for anyone who practices. However, there will be times when your body succumbs. When the symptoms start to rage, you will know that it is your body starting to combat and resist these invaders. Keep in mind that while you struggle to feel better that your immune system is doing its best for you. It is, therefore, important to remain as stress-free as is possible and to relax during this time.

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