THIS Breathing Technique Will Help You Calm Your Frazzled Nerves


Life can suddenly become highly pressured and when this happens, you may become anxious, stressed, and irritable. When you feel tension building, it’s time to use this fabulous breathing technique which calms the mind and even erases nagging headaches. 

breathing techniqueAlternate Nostril Breathing Technique

This is a gem of a breathing technique and seriously calms the nerves. It’s great for offsetting headaches and tension caused by everyday irritations and stress and is so easy to do. You can do this standing up, sitting down, or lying down. It’s your choice. You just need to be in a comfortable spot where you won’t be disturbed.

What is it and How Does it Work?

This is a breathing technique that has stood the test of time. It’s a big favorite among those who have tried it as it harmonizes both sides of the brain and you can really feel it working. You must focus on the technique and not let your mind wander, which is relatively easy to do. 

breathing techniqueAlternate Nostril Breathing Technique

With your eyes closed, use your right hand and curl your two smallest fingers into the palm of the hand out of the way. Then, utilizing the middle and index fingers, have your thumb upright. Press the two fingers into the left nostril, closing it. Then, inhale through the right, slowly and steadily for a count of four.

Close your right nostril with the thumb and release pressure on the left nostril and exhale through this nostril for four seconds. Inhale immediately through the same nostril for a count of four, making sure your thumb remains on the other nostril.

Now, press the two fingers against the left nostril, releasing the thumb from the right one to breathe out for 4. This forms one round.

You may find it beneficial to perform two or three rounds of this breathing technique. This will help you to fully reap the benefits. You can do it for longer if necessary. It’s a powerful but nurturing technique that really helps to clear the cobwebs from the brain and helps to make you feel calmer and more serene. Even those nagging ‘hard to get rid of’ headaches will start to dissipate. Practice it now so that you are fully adept for when you need it the most. It really does work.