[Hatha Yoga] Amazing Tips To Help You Boost Your Practice


Hatha yoga is a wonderful way to promote health and well-being. The more you learn, the greater the benefits. It’s important to consider some safety tips to accelerate your learning curve. After all, if you perform yoga the right way, you will feel fitter, stronger, and happier than ever before. 

Hatha yogaForget About Competition

Yoga is non-competitive, even if you see others who can bend and stretch way beyond your own capabilities. When you push to extend the stretch too much, you could easily hurt yourself. Don’t be tempted. Instead, trust your instinct and listen to your body. Everyone develops at their own pace. Just remember, it’s not about being good at yoga, it’s about improving your health and well-being.

Remain in the Moment

When you move into a posture, think about what you are doing. Consider it as taking the mindful approach. Use the breath to help you move into and out of the posture, adjust your stretch as and when necessary. When you feel the stretch, become it. You are within it and not just an observer at this point.

Forget the Past

Have you ever noticed that we often look back to the past? We think about how fit we were and focus on the negative elements of our current fitness. But it’s best to focus on how to improve your health in the here and now and banish regrets. Instead, work on all that you will be. You can do this easily with Hatha yoga.

Hatha yogaHatha Yoga – Relax Don’t Resist

We are so used to hearing about the no pain no gain style of exercise programs and this is the opposite of what is required in yoga. You must never force your body into a series of postures or extreme poses. Adapt your approach and technique. The focus must be on how the posture will help you and which part of the body benefits. Consider how it aids the body so that you can reduce the intensity of the stretch while still achieving the benefits.

Two Steps Forward and One Back

We all strive for progression, but patience is key in yoga. Often, the body appears to reset. In other words, it pulls back before progressing. Think of archery here. Your body is like the arrow being pulled back into the bow before being released and accelerating forward. Your body must work at its own pace. You can’t rush it, cajole it or long for flexibility to happen. But it will and you will feel great.