Beginner’s Guide To Yoga: Practice These 4 Simple Techniques That Will Strengthen Your Spirit


Want to reap the benefits of a strong mind, body, and calm spirit? While these effects are available to all of us through yoga, we often get too intimidated even to begin. Have no fear future yogis! It doesn’t matter how strong or flexible you are, as long as you are open to receiving the practice as you are now. Here is a beginner’s guide to yoga. Namaste!

Beginner's Guide to Yoga
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Beginner’s Guide to Yoga Styles 

Restorative (Yin Yoga)– This gentle style is a great place to start! The yoga sequence usually follows five or six poses and uses props such as yoga blocks so that the body is able to relax with minimal exertion.

Hatha- This is a broad term describing any yoga practice that involves physical postures. This is a gentle way to introduce yourself to basic yoga positions.

Vinyasa-This sequence involves greater activity of the body to achieve a fluidity of movement. Instructors create smooth transitions from each pose with a focus on integrating the breath.

Bikram– Ready to break a sweat? This structured style always follows the same sequence and is practiced in a heated room. Hot yoga is very similar, although it may deviate from the well-established Bikram sequence.


Beginner Tips

Just as in every new experience, trying yoga for the first time presents a lot of opportunities for learning. When you’re starting out, it can be very helpful to use a journal to track any insights that arise in your practice as well as any questions regarding vocabulary and correct alignment. It’s important to communicate with your instructor about any modifications you may need to honor your body and its limitations. Most of all, yoga is a personal practice. Avoid comparing yourself to others and celebrate the gifts you are bringing to your own body and journey in this practice. Best of luck!