5 Surprising Yoga Facts You Need To Be Aware Of


Think you know everything there is to know about yoga? In addition to it being fantastic for a mind, body and spirit connection, there are some things you may not have heard of. Read on.


Yoga Fact 1 – The Dominant Nostril

When you are practicing yoga, and focus on the breath, you may not realize this, but, you have a dominant nostril. It may sound odd but, this dominance swaps from one nostril to the other throughout the day. When the right nostril is dominant, we are ready for a challenge. When the left nostril has dominance, then, we feel more relaxed and at ease. Understanding this and applying breathing exercises that help you control each nostril creates balance within the nervous system.


Yoga Fact 2 – The Elixir of Life

If you are still hoping to one day stumble across the elixir of youth, forget it. Yoga has already been proven to reverse some of the processes that happen to us as we age. As cellular damage takes place over time, know that when you practice regularly, your body starts to fight back against these problems. Have you noticed that those who live and breathe this ancient practice tend to look much younger and serene? Have you noticed how youthful their movements are and how flexible their spines? Yes, yoga has the solution.

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