You Will Have Serious FOMO If You’re Not Following These 3 Instagram Yogis


When it comes to fitness motivation, Social Media can offer a whole host of possibilities. Many yogis find inspiration for new poses, recipes, and classes through apps like Instagram, Youtube, and Facebook. Here are three social media yogis you need to follow if you’re looking for new ideas for your practice.

Social Media Yogis

Social media yogis can be quite inspirational. Instead of opening your social network and seeing complaining coworkers, or fighting family members, it can be a refreshing experience to read the posts of fellow Yoga practitioners.

The Southern Yogi Is a great account to follow. Morgan has built up a following of over 442,000 people, and there’s a good reason why. Her content is beautiful and inspirational. Every day she posts real-time and lapsed time videos of her Yoga flows. She’s known for long forearm stands and lots of inversions. Plus, she likes to post cute photos and videos is her pets, and who doesn’t love an adorable furry friend?

Morgan also wrote her ebook, Ab-Asanas, which has two parts. The first is a beginner’s guide to Yoga, focusing on moves that will create a solid core. The second is a more advanced version that will help you become even stronger in inversions and balance work.

Jessi Caoli is another great social media yogi to follow. She also happens to be The Southern Yogi’s best friend. Jessi’s flows are less about standing on her arms, and more about gentle meditation. She frequently captions her videos and photos with inspirational quotes and candid accounts of her life’s struggles. She also has her ebook, entitled Let’s Start Yoga. It’s a great choice for total beginners, looking to create their at-home practice.

Riva G’s Cityscapes

Finally, you should follow Riva G. This social media yogi’s account is filled with aesthetic pleasing yoga poses, backed up with gorgeous cityscapes and shapes. Riva’s account is less about the personal journey and more about creating beautiful content. However, if you’re looking for strictly visual inspiration, it’s a great place to search.

Which social media yogi do you relate to most?