You’ll Never Miss Yoga In The Morning After Reading These Scientific Benefits That…


Do you wake up groggy? Is It hard to get a move on, and start your to-do list? Then you might benefit from practicing Yoga in the morning. Here’s why an early morning sweat session will greatly benefit your entire day.

Yoga In The Morning

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Starting your day off with Yoga in the morning will truly set you up for success. Many people wake up groggy, with mental fog and lacking motivation to seize the day. A short session on your mat will snap you into gear. You’ll feel energized, and ready to go.

Morning exercise of all types can increase your energy. There’s an after-glow post Yoga that just can’t be beat. Exercising produces endorphins. Those are feel good chemicals in the body that leave you feeling energized and ready to take down anything. Why get an endorphin boost right before bed? You’re better off starting your day feeling all that sweaty goodness.

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Secondly, when you exercise in the morning you eliminate the temptation to skip a session. When our Yoga practice becomes a part of our morning routine we are less likely to skip out. Regular practice leads to better results, and more consistent training. As the day goes on we get more tired, and things like meetings, meals, and chores get in the way of our exercise.

Plus, being able to check off one thing from your to-do list motivates you to keep going and get the rest of your tasks done. A “Key stone” habit is something that kickstarts other good behaviors. Basically when you get into a routine the first step towards success catalyzes the rest. Starting each day with Yoga in the morning will motivate you to keep going, and accomplish the rest of your desired tasks.

Set An Intention For The Day

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Finally, practicing Yoga in the morning allows you to set an intention for the day. We know that Yoga benefits the body physically in a multitude of ways. However, it can also benefit us all mentally. Taking time in the morning to focus on mindfullness will put you in the mindset you want to be in for the rest of the day. 

Do you have a big meeting in the afternoon? Use your yoga practice to get focused and release stress. Will you be with the kids all day? Use your yoga as me-time, fueling you to be present for the rest of your day.

Yoga in the morning can do wonders for productivity, and overall well being. Of course, any exercise is better than no exericse, but getting it done first thing is a great way to make a positive change in your life.