UK Seriously Considers, Should They Teach Meditation in School?


The United Kingdom is proposing to start teaching meditation in their school systems. They understand the importance of mindfulness and staying present. Meditation has its roots in Buddhism. It encourages children to be more accepting and release stress and anxiety.

Edward Timpson, Minister for the UK’s State for Vulnerable Children and Families at the Department of Education encourages the practice of meditation. They also suggested Yoga be installed as well, along with meditation.

Timpson recently spoke at a meeting in Parliament. He spoke about mindfulness and said is a, “Modern innovation born from the deepest traditions of meditation.” Then he added, “to enable all children to enjoy good mental health and emotional wellbeing”.

Timpson didn’t stop there. He went on to say, “We want schools to have a whole-school approach that makes talking about feelings. Also emotions and wellbeing as normal for pupils as talking about their physical bodies. That might include lessons taught as part of the PSHE curriculum, whole-school programs such as mindfulness that become a normal part of the school day, role play in drama lessons, or offering meditation or yoga sessions.”

Meditation is guaranteed to help promote a child’s sense of well-being. Mindfulness for our children is something we need to pay attention too. Its really easy to practice and won’t change the budget. Meditation is one of the safest forms of inner healing work. The problem that arises is how people view Buddhism.

Buddhism is seen as a religion by many. And the dilemma is, can you separate the religious side of Buddhism from the practice of meditation? Because if not, the State cannot morally place meditation in public school systems.

Should They Teach Meditation in School?

should they teach meditation in schoolsOn the other hand, if a person can rightfully understand that Buddhism isn’t an actual religion, then it could work. Buddhism in its deepest essence is more of a practice than a religion. The Buddha never viewed himself as anything anymore then a man.

If a way can be found to introduce meditation into schools, it could spark a fire with other religions. Especially those that are not allowed in the school system. But if a way can be found to help people better understand what meditation is, then maybe mindfulness meditations in schools can be used. They will help make children more grounded.

More Issues With Meditation in School

While the thought of bringing meditation into the school system is very attractive to many people, so is respect for all people and faiths. It could end up being too difficult to incorporate meditation into daily school life. It may turn out the job of teaching children about mindfulness and meditation is one that be left to the parents.

With any luck, a way around this religious connection to Buddhism can be found. Because as the Dali Llama said, “If every 8 year old on the planet was taught meditation, violence in the world would end in one generation.”