School Replaces Detention with Meditation

School Replaces Detention with Meditation, Results are Astounding

By Hank Klinger | Monday Monday Staff -    2016-10-01

For years, the method for curing misbehavior has been sturdy punishment. Detention and other less effective measures have been used for decades to alter a child’s behavior. Typically, suspension would be another possible way of teaching kids they’ve been bad.

Ultimately, however, these methods rarely work. Isolation is actually dangerous for children and adults alike. Pulling a kid out of a group and placing them in detention creates a type of separation that is very unhealthy. Detention involves a lot of blank staring at walls. That is not a very creative method of helping kids learn discipline. The purpose of detention is to attempt to get children to think about the actions that got them in trouble in the first place. But it really just makes kids feel like they’ve got in trouble and there is something wrong with them.

Who Is Teaching Meditation in School?

Robert W. Colemen has a different idea. Instead of sending kids off to detention, he teaches them to meditate. It’s a new mindful movement that’s sprung up at a Baltimore school recently and is having really positive effects.

The room he brings the children to is ideal for meditation. There are cool lamps, decorations and the room looks nothing like a typical room a child may be sent to for detention. Once a child misbehaves, they are taken to the room where they are encouraged to sit and meditate. Coleman teaches them about breathing practices, helps them relax and re-center so they can be more grounded.

Mindfulness Meditations work miracles when used to help children relax. The practice of mindfulness meditations has been around for thousands of years. People are really starting to appreciate the wonderful effects it has on the mind and the body now. Meditation id ideal for helping people guard against harmful emotions, can improve cognitive functions, memory and even help cure addictions. It also helps people gain more focus and clarity in general.

Overall, mindfulness practices have been used for thousands of years to help people find more balance in their life. When young children are taught mindfulness it helps them for life. At the Baltimore school were Coleman teaches kids about meditation, the practice is branching out. Apparently they had a Christmas party were the children of the school received Christmas presents. They received their presents, but not before meditating. They love the process so much they decided to meditate before they handed out the gifts.

Teaching Mindfulness to Children is Beneficial doesn’t stop at the school either, the children have continually brought the practice home to parents where the kids teach them how to release stress. The kids continually improve their minds and it trickles into the family unit back at home.

Turns out meditation also helps the children be more mindful about the planet as well. Many of the children who perform the meditations at school also donate time and energy to cleaning up neighborhoods and giving back. They farm, teach other kids and genuinely become more compassionate towards one another.

There really are no negative side-effects to meditation. There are multiple stories like this popping up on a regular basis. And the practice of meditation in schools is even branching out to other countries like the United Kingdom as well.

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