Most Common Ab Training Mistakes( DON’T DO THESE !)


When it comes to ab training, too many people get caught up in just going through the motions and thinking that since they are developed their abs that it’s “good enough “.

When actually, if you’re going to spend the time to do abs, you might as well get a reward from it!

The first mistake I see is not making the intellect/ muscle connection with your abs. People get down on their ab mat and get from phase A to point B and as long as they got 10 reps, they’re happy. When the truth is, they aren’t actually focusing on contracting their abs AT ALL. Make sure the next time you go to do an ab workout, you’re specifically targeting the ab muscles that you’re supposed to be hitting.

Next, people don’t give a shit about their breathing. And most of the time, it isn’t their faulting, they don’t know any better and just let their inhalation and exhalation flow naturally. But if you were to take control of your breathing, your ab contractions would be taken to the next level. The next time you go to do abs, make sure you exhale altogether before you crunch and inhale on your way back up. I guarantee you feel a better contraction.

Last but not least is momentum and one that I see a lot. Too often, I ensure people use their arms to get themselves half way up the crunch or their legs to cheat the bottom half of a reverse crunch, etc.