Using Nature to Help you Sleep

Using Nature to Help You Sleep

By Hank Klinger | Monday Monday Staff -    2016-10-14

Sleep issues are something that almost everyone faces from time to time. People naturally sleep less as they age. Knowing how to sleep without any sleeping aids is a great skill. Nature is one of our best assistants to sleeping. These five tips on working with nature will help you sleep on those nights where stress or anxiety gets a hold of you.  

Listen to Nature Sounds on Your Stereo

If you have a CD player or DVD player, then use it to your advantage. Nature’s sounds naturally calm and relax us. There are even machines you can buy that are strictly for playing different nature sounds. YouTube is another great source for these sounds. One important note to mention when using nature sounds, is to make sure that the sounds you use induce a sense of calm.

Open the Window at Night

Using Nature to Help you SleepAllowing the breeze to flow through your room is a calming effect as well. It’s a great way to let yourself reconnect with the natural sounds found outdoors. This may not work as well in a hustle and bustle city. But if you live in the country, this is one of the best methods for relaxing. Your body and mind will reconnect with source and relax easier with the calming breeze on a springtime night. Use your best judgement in accordance to the weather.

Take a Walk

Walking causes our brain to fire in a different way than with any other activity. Walking is therefore one of the best methods you can use to relax and let go. Sleep issues often arise due to stress. And walking is one of the best stress reducers there is. It also happens to be one of the most beneficial activities you can partake in for your health. Make sure that if you walk at night, you have a flashlight and can be easily seen.


Meditation is also ideal for sleep issues. Meditation causes the mind to relax. And the main reason most people have issues sleeping is due to an anxious mind. If your mind is running, try sitting and meditating for 10-15 minutes. You may find that your mind will relax enough for you to finally catch some sleep. Meditation is easy to practice, can be practiced anywhere, and also has great health benefits for you.

Perform Yoga

If meditation isn’t cutting it, try performing Yoga. There are short yoga sessions you can learn that are designed primarily to help you sleep. Yoga is an excellent form of exercise that is great for the body, mind and spirit. Yoga is also an excellent practice for the joints and cardiovascular system. Although it is recommended that if you practice Yoga, you look for a session that is more based on relaxation. Some forms of Yoga can actually wake you up.

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