The Benefits of Connecting with Nature


How often do you reconnect with nature? Going for a walk or a hike is an excellent way to reduce stress. Anxiety, depression and other mental disorders can benefit from spending time in nature. It’s a way to connect with source. There is something very healing about being in nature. Look at nature: it never toils or fusses. It’s always in balance and harmony. And there are a lot of lessons you can learn from spending time in nature.

For one, nature shows us to live in harmony with one another. The birds and trees for example, are constantly helping each other out. Sure, there is a predator and prey dynamic that occurs, but it’s necessary to keep nature in balance. And that is another lesson to be learned from nature, balance is most important.

How to Balance Your Life

When you start to balance your life, your will start to change. That means you get enough sleep, enough play and enough work. You eat a balanced diet, and perform balanced exercise. Balance is the true nature of life and is really what we are all seeking.

Another important lesson you can learn from spending time in nature is about abundance. Nature is highly abundant. Nature will make two blades of grass grow, where one grew before. It’s lavish, it’s wasteful from time to time. But it’s always in a state of reflux, and everything is continually recycled.

Nature is in Harmony

Look at how many leaves are on the trees. Try to count them; you can’t. And that is just one little corner of the world you are looking at. Your world is the same way; it’s abundant. When you can learn from nature and accept that you live in an abundant world, your life will change. Nature doesn’t live in scarcity. It just doesn’t.

Everything in nature always gives, the trees give oxygen to the birds. The birds spread the fruit trees. There are predators, but even they give back when they die. It’s a continual cycle of life. And that is something else you can learn about from nature. You will die one day, and it’s important to live everyday like it was your last. As Gandhi said, “Learn like you will live forever. Live like you will die tomorrow.”

The Importance of Reconnecting With NatureNature shows us that everything has a cycle. And that everything has an end. It shows us that there will be times of light, and times of dark. Times of warmth and growth, and times of cold and death. Most importantly, that all of these cycles will pass. When you spend time in nature, you learn that nothing is forever. That includes any good times, and any hardships you may be facing.

As Eckhart Tolle says in the Power of Now, “This too shall pass.”

It’s a simple quote but highly powerful, and can help you let go of hard situations. And all of this can be learned by spending time in nature. Lastly, nature naturally calms you. It’s where you originally came from and will return to someday. There’s an unseen energy and force in nature that sustains your life and heals you.  So make sure to spend time reconnecting with nature, especially when times get hard. If you make time to do this, your life will change forever.

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