How To Make Better Judgments In Difficult Situations


Do you ever react badly to stressors in life perhaps overreacting at times? You are not alone if so. We tap into our former experiences and these provide us with the blueprint as to how we should react to difficult scenarios. We also use our perspective but, this may well be tainted. 


How tainted is your perspective?

We absolutely use the experiences of life to guide us. Depending on these experiences, we may act rashly and deeply regret our actions afterwards. However, it is important to know that your perspective is unique. Everyone witness scenes differently and will react accordingly. But of course, this doesn’t make it right or wrong, just different.

The magnitude of perspective

Perspective is shaped by life’s events. It is also governed by your emotions. As such, it is easy to form incorrect conclusions. You may see what you want to see. Your reactions are loosely formed on many stimuli. Your perspective however, is important. As such, you need to press the reset button and clear the limitations of your mind as it is right now.

Meditation to improve perspective


One way to challenge your current perspective is to distract your thoughts and feelings with powerful imagery. When you practice meditation, you let go of external distractions. You switch off the mind so that it stops engaging in every day life, therefore, you focus deeply on the imagery within your mind’s eye. It’s important to use scenery that holds attention, as an example, a balloon ride over a mountain setting. For the purposes of clearing your perspective of life, we use the magnitude and scale of a mountain scene as this has the power to make life’s usual dramas seem less powerful and significant.

It may take a little time to perfect but persevere. Within the visualization, you are looking over the basket, aware of the balloon increasing in height. Become aware of all the sights and sounds as the balloon goes higher. Notice the spread of the mountains below. Focus on the white-capped snowy mountains, notice the craggy rocks, the shapes and the sheer drop below.

As the balloon dips lower, almost skimming the mountain peaks, notice for the first time, the birds of prey that circle these peaks. Realize even with their immense size, how small they are in comparison. It is hard to view scale realistically and as with these mountain scenes, life can be difficult to judge fairly too. 

Perspective and emotion

Emotion often clouds perception. As such, we may not look at any scene with clarity of mind or, from a dispassionate viewpoint. Remember, experiences and emotions can easily taint perception. 


Use this type of meditation when it is difficult to make accurate judgments in life. Understand that your perception may not be true at times, but these meditations help to bring clarity and space between your thoughts. They create distance between your perception and, of the event. In conclusion, you gain a greater sense of perspective and new understanding. You take a step back and view with an open mind, not one shaped by life and your experiences.