Stress, Anxiety and The Healing Power of Pure Essential Oils


We all have those days when everything goes wrong and stress levels escalate dramatically. You may feel fatigued, irritable and cannot fathom what to do to make life more simplistic. Aromatherapy essential oils may not appear to offer a solution but, it can help you to diffuse the emotional and physical aspects of stress. Here’s how.

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Aromatherapy essential oils

If you have ever indulged in an aromatherapy massage, you will know that the fragrance of the oils as you walk in the room flood your system with a calming influence. You feel yourself relax almost immediately and as the oils start to penetrate the skin, you give into the sensations of peace and well-being.

Essential oils have long been used to help calm the mind and to target particular health conditions. The fragrant molecules within pass through the blood/brain barrier and so, impact the areas of the brain directly responsible for diffusing stress and anxiety too. These oils are incredibly powerful. They ease feelings of depression and help reduce panic attacks.

Each aromatherapy oil has its unique qualities. Some will be calming, others, stimulating. In fact, the same oil can have a different impact on people depending on their needs. This is why some essential oils are known as adaptogens.  

How to use essential oils for stress relief

There are many ways to use essential oils and if you use them regularly, they will help to bring consistency in your life, helping you to let go of stress. 

  • Inhale-directly from the bottle as, and when, needed.
  • Diffuse-use a diffuser at home and add a few drops of your chosen oil so to gain long-lasting benefit.
  • Use in the shower or bath-add a couple of drops of your chosen oil to the shower or bath and this will help you to gain the unique benefits through steam inhalation.
  • Add a drop or two of oil to a cotton pad or onto a tissue and take with you throughout the day.

There are many different essential oils and the following lists those beneficial for stress reduction. They help clear your mindset when you feel overwhelmed by the pressures of the day.

If you are using these oils for healing purposes, it is important that you purchase 100% pure essential oil and that the labels depict it as a therapeutic grade. The word fragrance should not be listed on the packaging as this means that the content contains chemicals but, it should instead, list the proper name of the species.  Buy from an organic source and this ensures the oils are free from any toxins or chemicals. They will also be undiluted and unfiltered.  

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