How to Start a Gratitude Journal


Gratitude is one of those practices that can absolutely change your life forever. Nothing puts you closer to source than a deep and profound feeling of gratitude. Gratitude will help you when you are feeling lost or stuck. When times get hard, gratitude can reset you in the right direction. Gratitude helps pull you out of a feeling of hopelessness and despair.

Practicing gratitude is very easy and you can do it anywhere at any time. It’s a very simple way to bring your attention to your multitude of blessings of life. Remember, most people in the world live on $3 a day or less. So you’re almost always doing better than a majority of the world, from an abundance stand point. Not to say that money is the most important, but it gives freedom. And it provides us with food and shelter, which are two things that don’t come so easy to everyone.

Gratitude is Easy to Practice

Now, how do you make gratitude easy to perform, when times are hard? There’s a very simple practice you can partake in. First get yourself a journal. We’ll call it a gratitude journal. And at least once a day, you’ll write in your journal. You can keep it simple. I say write in it twice. First after waking up, and then just before sleeping.

Start off the day by writing ten things you have to be grateful for. Think of your friends, your family, your abundance and opportunities. Think about all the books, the learning and the knowledge you have access to. There have been so many people who have learned the hard way. And now they share their knowledge, so you can use it to avoid setbacks.

Make sure that as you write in your gratitude journal, you write down how each thing makes you feel. How does having this thing you’ve written down benefit you? How blessed are you to have this listed item in your gratitude? This is an important part to being grateful. It’s essential that you express a deep and profound feeling for these items.

Why Should You Keep a Gratitude Journal?

How to Keep a Gratitude JournalThe more you perform this gratitude journal, the more in tune you’ll be with attracting these circumstances. As the saying goes, the things you bless will grow in your life. The practice is beneficial on an unconscious level. When you write in a gratitude journal, you are giving your mind the items you want to focus on. When you focus on something, you’re telling your brain to give value to it as well. So the more you write in your gratitude journal, the more your brain will know what is valuable in your life. Then it will work naturally to create more of those things.

A gratitude journal is easy to keep, it’s fun to do, and will start your day off right. There really is no reason to not keep one. I suggest you start immediately.

One last tip is for people who feel they have nothing to be grateful for: If you don’t feel there is anything to be grateful for, write down things you would like to be grateful for.

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