The Truth About Getting Rid Of Your Sleepless Nights


Enthusiasts of essential oils claim that a sleepless night can be cured with a bit a lavender. They promote its aromatic scent as a sure-fire way to calm and relax. How true is it?

sleepless -spritz of lavender help?


Lavender oil has widely been used to clean cuts and soothe skin irritations but when most think of this warm and earthy scent, they think– sweet dreams.

But in order for it to take effect, it must be inhaled deeply so that it reaches the emotional center of the brain. And some, are not convinced that this is healthy.

Some studies show a relationship between the inhalation of lavender and more sound and peaceful sleep, once you get to sleep. But will not help you doze off from the start.

A good way to find out is to spritz some on the fabric around your bedroom. If you’re skeptical, start with the drapes or a piece of cloth on your nightstand. If all goes well, lightly spritz your pillow. Do you notice any difference in the quality of your sleep?

You can also experiment with a diffuser to keep a waft of lavender coming all night long.

Ready to step it up? Try it directly on your skin.

sleepless - spritz of lavender help?


The trigger points, that will release the fragrance of the oil throughout the night, are the wrists, behind the knees, the soles of the feet and behind the ears. Once the oil penetrates the skin, either by spritzing or rubbing in, It will enter the bloodstream within five minutes. and reach its fullest absorption at twenty minutes. After ninety minutes, it begins to wear off without side effects for most people.

However, if you develop a rash discontinue applying the oil topically.

Many homeopathic practitioners recommend lavender oil to help the aging get a better night’s sleep. But essential oils aren’t for everyone.

If you decide to give them a try go slowly. Consult with your doctor first, if you have any chronic conditions or allergies. If it works you’ll not only sleep better but will have a delightfully fragrant bedroom. 

Have you tried lavender to enhance your sleep? How did go for you?