Simple 4-Step Meditation


Meditation is a progression. It’s something that you develop over the course of your lifetime. Meditation will lead to a great sense of awareness about yourself and the world around you. It’s one of the practices that almost every successful person does on a daily basis. It’s not rocket science, but there are some guidelines to help make it more effective. Even if you have never meditated, right now is the ideal time to start. Right now is there ever will be. So today, I’ve decided to share a simple, four-part meditation with you.

Four Steps to a Successful Meditation

Meditation is very simple. But for beginners, it can be very intimidating. Below are the simple four steps I like to use, to teach people a simple meditation.

Step One – Find the quietest place you can, close your eyes, and begin by slowing down your breathing.

Preferably, you’ll want to meditate in a place that is very peaceful. The more serene the area, the quieter, the easier it will be to meditate. Meditation is the successful attempt at relaxation. It includes both the body and the mind. You can reach a point where meditation can be performed anywhere. In the beginning however, it’s best to have a quiet spot. Also, make sure to ask your loved ones to leave you at peace while you practice the art.

Step Two – Pick a power word and repeat the phase, to yourself, over and over again.

Your power word will be your mantra while you meditate. Your mantra will help you return to your source, when the mind starts to wonder. And don’t worry, the mind will almost always start to wonder at some point. It’s what the mind does best. Pick a power word that is in alignment with what you’re attempting to accomplish. It could be, Love, Power, Life, Freedom, or any other word that you choose. There is no wrong or right here. Whatever is right for you, is always right for you.

Step Three – Move into a place of silence.

Power comes in repose, returning to the silence is therefore essential. Focus on the silence, while you take in deep, rhythmic breaths. Let yourself get lost in the silence. It’s particularly powerful to listen for the sounds underneath the silence. As Charles Haanel says in the Master Key System, “Stillwater runs deep.” The silence is where all your power lies, same can be said for space. Without the silence, there could be no sound. And without the space, there could be no matter.

Step Four – Imagine yourself being enveloped in a ball of white, healing energy.

Simple Four Step MeditationMeditation is very healing. One of the simplest, and most powerful visualizations, deals with energy. We are all made of energy. So why not imagine energy, surrounding us and healing us at a sub-atomic level. With your eyes closed, simply imagine a ball of healing energy surrounding you. I usually choose to go with white energy, but yellow works too.

Can You Do Meditation Wrong?

There is no real wrong way to meditate. Even if you think you’re not doing it right, you likely are. Even if you feel like your mind is racing, keep going. The mind will race a lot. Especially when you first start the practice of meditation. Enjoy your time with yourself. And always make sure to congratulate yourself for a job well done.

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