The Signs Of Stress That Can Break Your Body And Soul


Stress, it’s unavoidable. It exists all around us and within us. Sometimes we cause our own issues and at other times, we are bombarded by external stressors every which way we look. It’s important to manage stress and to meet it head on, this way, you’ll lessen the negative impact on your health and well-being.

Many people don’t fully comprehend when they feel stressed, this is because they are overwhelmed by it. In fact, feeling stressed may have become the norm. Those who constantly battle with rising workloads or exist in highly-pressured environments often believe they can manage these pressures and that they are in control. Sadly, many people internalize their stressors and it invades like a plague. 

Sleep issues

When you have trouble sleeping, it’s often stress-related. For some reason, it’s always so much worse at night and its power over you increases substantially. It’s easy to lose your sleep pattern too. When you start to go a few days with interrupted sleep, your patience levels will reduce greatly, you may feel frustrated and irritable. Stress loves to infiltrate at these times as it has a much bigger hold over you.

Pain in the neck and shoulders

Tightened muscles in the neck and shoulders often signifies feeling stressed. Check your posture. You may also be fighting to stay calm in a difficult situation. Sadly, your neck muscles have tightened up into strangle mode and your scalp feels tender. Then, the headache from hell grips you like a vice.


When you are already struggling to get by, the last thing you want is a headache. A tension headache will gnaw away at your resistance to cope and interrupt your already weakened focus. When a tension headache manifests, drink more water, meditate and practice alternate nostril breathing. This can ease anxiety and clear away the mental cobwebs.

Science Proves Meditation Creates Anti-Aging GenesUpset stomach

Stress affects your stomach too. If you suddenly develop griping stomach pains and feel very uncomfortable, it could be irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). If you want to  understand the connection between your mind and body, this is it. Serious health conditions such as Crohn’s disease and Colitis are all affected by unresolved stressors.  You must resolve any issues before you start to develop significant health issues. 

Meditation for stress relief

Meditation can make a big difference to how you feel. Of course, it’s important to resolve any issues but, meditation can help you to let go of the negative aspects of stress, to shrug them off so they do not cause any physical or emotional problems. Think of meditation as  a way of protecting you, it’s a shield against the many pressures of life. Practice it regularly and you will be able to offset the symptoms of stress more readily.