The Secret To Getting In The Zone For A Healing Meditation


The mind and body are inextricably linked. We know that our emotions and thoughts affect our physical self and that poor health affects the mind. This means there will be times when the prospect of meditation is difficult. This is why a healing meditation can work wonders. 

Healing MeditationStruggling to let go?

There are many reasons as to why you may find it difficult to meditate on any given day. You may be fatigued, have too much going on in your life and your brain may refuse to switch off. 

If you are feeling unwell or experiencing emotional turmoil, this will also impact your ability to meditate successfully. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try, just make sure you find a comfortable space and try to relax, shutting out external distractions. 

If your body feels stiff or achy, then, this can impact your session. If you are experiencing fluctuating emotions, meditating will be difficult. In fact, it may feel as if giving up on the session is the right thing to do. Instead, try to manage your mental, physical and emotional state.

Embrace calmness

It’s much easier to exist and to enjoy life when we are within a calm state of being. We are more creative, more open to love, more relaxed and yet, to enter this state, we have to let go of niggling issues, to rise above daily frustration. If we don’t, we will always be at the mercy of life. A healing meditation can be the catalyst for change. 

Playing the blame game

We often struggle to control our feelings. We may blame others for how we feel. The boss at work, the annoying neighbor, the loved one who is being frustratingly annoying. 

But, when we lay blame at the feet of others, we give away our personal power. 

We allow this sense of frustration to overwhelm. Our emotions become involved and a whole host of chemical cocktails flood into our bodies and control who we are and what we think at that time. We cannot always control the events that occur around us, but we can control how we respond. In the same way, we can choose our moods, instead of letting frustration rule, we can tune into all the positive elements in life and choose to embrace them instead.


Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is an amazing resource that can be used to help you change the aspects of self that you desire. This could be improving communication, learning or your behaviors. In this case, we use it to disconnect with the frustrations of the day and for those times when things go wrong. 

Then, we are more able to open up to a meditative state. There is a fantastic technique known as reframing. We can use this to re-play difficult situations in the mind and learn to change the end result.

As an example, let’s imagine that you have just had an angry encounter which turned into a heated argument. You may have said things that you did not mean. You may have grown more and more upset. Anger and frustration can easily escalate a situation. 

The anger thereafter will often remain, sometimes, for long periods of time. This only leads to greater emotional pain. It’s important to acknowledge it, to recognize it and to then let it go. But, there are times when this is incredibly difficult.

With NLP reframing, you close your eyes and run the experience as if watching a film show. You then manipulate the ending so that it has a more successful resolution. 

Of course, this doesn’t change the event itself but, it does give you power over any future responses should a similar situation arise. Equally, it does draw a line under the event. 

This includes emotions experienced.  By doing this, you welcome in a more relaxed state of being and can enjoy your meditation.  

healing meditation

Put the past to bed with a healing meditation

Whatever the situation and whatever emotions remain, it’s time to acknowledge them. Choose freedom from these feelings instead. If you are new to meditation, you may find it difficult to let go. Negative energies can be difficult to clear.

They hamper the progression of any meditation as thoughts will continuously bombard the mind. Instead, promise yourself that you will resolve any issues once you have finished meditating. This isn’t about avoidance, it’s about being kind to yourself. It’s about healing your mind, body, and soul. It’s about clearing your mind, shutting out the external world and focusing only on you.

Be kind to yourself

We are not perfect, we are only human and must be kind to ourselves. With a healing meditation, you have the perfect resource at your disposal. When you commit to a meditative practice for a designated period, you heal every aspect of your being. You regenerate and revitalize every part of you. It’s like stripping back the years, re-connecting with that inner child and untangling yourself from all those difficult experiences and poor choices. Think of meditation as a way to wiping the slate clean. You learn to trust yourself.

Changing the tide

Consider this. We have spent years shaping ourselves into the people we are today and are probably a complete mix of love, joy, laughter, guilt, regrets, emotional turmoil and so on. 

Within us all, there is the capacity to experience life in the full. In life, we make mistakes. We struggle to cope with daily challenges and feel overwhelmed by pressures but we are only human. We err but we can learn from this.

Taking the wrong route at times may have caused difficulties and obstacles to overcome. No-one wants those hurtful experiences to leave their mark, but we carry these scars all the same. 

Meditation can help to heal these deeply buried issues. It can take time to master meditation completely but the journey to success is still really beneficial. It can also take time to use the NLP reframing technique, but it will help even while you are learning.

A healing meditation may seem impossibly hard at times. When life is so busy that we race from one job or task to the next, it’s not easy suddenly to be sitting alone, eyes closed, trying to find some inner peace. 

This is because it is drummed into us that we must be efficient and effective in the workplace which means multitasking and at home, we are constantly being taught to juggle the demands of family, home-life, and tasks the same way. It’s easy to feel guilty for giving yourself some quality time.

Tame the mind

Mind chatter is your worst enemy.

It will taunt you and tease you. 

It will irritate the hell out of you. 

Instead of becoming frustrated, we connect with the truth of the moment. 

Accept these thoughts simply as thoughts. 

That is all they are. 

Do not even consider the emotional context. You will never have a completely silent mind. 

Even with years of experience, some thoughts will appear as if taunting you. 

The trick is to deal with them effectively. Don’t fight mind chatter, just let the words melt away. 

You can train your mind to respond to your commands. Visualize these words just drifting away and dissipating before your eyes.

Reframe and Meditate

For any difficult scenario in life, it can be useful to reframe the moment and to consider whether a situation could have been dealt with in a better way. This is likely to be the case if you are feeling angry, emotional or frustrated afterward. 

Think of reframing as a development tool. It gives you the opportunity to deal with it and to learn from it and that’s all any of us can do. Importantly, reframing then leads beautifully onto meditation which enables us to heal from the situation. 

It gives us the opportunity to relax the mind, and to de-stress, releasing any tension that may be stored deep within. It also enables us to let go of the emotions. These may be buried deep inside and if unresolved, they will eat away causing feelings of conflict and anger.

If you have ever experienced that hard lump in the pit of your stomach where anger is festering away, you will know what I mean by acknowledging these feelings and letting them out.

 If we don’t deal with this deeply buried inner angst, they become a part of us. They seep into the fabric of our being and they don’t dissipate. It can take years before this negative emotion can be released and think of the damage it may have done then.

Healing Meditation 

Meditation need not be hard work. You just need to dedicate yourself to learning the technique. 

You need to be consistent. To accept that sometimes, you will struggle to disengage with the real world. Other days, your meditative experience will be truly wonderful. 

You must go with the flow. 

Release dark emotions after acknowledging them. 

Then, instead, focus on meditating, knowing that you are healing your body from the inside out. 

Be dedicated, accept life for what it is, accept yourself but strive to do better. Use a healing meditation along with NLP for when life is difficult and you will learn to let go of what is not important and to embrace what is.