The Truth About Pursuing Happiness The Conventional Way


Have you noticed that the emphasis in life these days is to be ultra happy and positive? Slowly, we are being taught to side-step any negative moments. So, in the pursuit of happiness, do we forget our dark emotions?

pursuit of happiness

The pursuit of happiness

The current take on life is to err on the positive and that we take life in our stride. 

We must neatly side-step obstacles or stumble over them but, yes, we must still smile about it. But, here’s the thing, should we really ignore the dark side of life?

If we want to have a cry or, to bang our heads against a brick wall, why can’t we do that? 

Are we constantly in the pursuit of happiness because we are told that this must be the way? 

Do we feel guilty if we share our feelings with others?

Facing the truth

We all have good and bad days. 

Sometimes, life is perfect. 

These are keepsake days where memories resonate with perfection and then, there are the bleak days. 

These are the times when memories are shrouded in grey or tinged with black. 

They are dramatic and intense. 

When asked if we are alright, we nod and swallow back the need to say no.


We must face the truth.

Sometimes, life takes a dark and unexpected twist and, it is impossible to be happy. 

Yes, we are allowed to feel and express these moments. We cannot deny the good and the bad elements in life or the experiences that occur. 

Just because we feel sad sometimes or, yearn for a quiet space in which to contemplate life and all that has happened, it’s okay.


These emotions – negative or positive are real. They form an important part of the human experience and should not be wasted. 

Negative emotions form the threads that make up the fabric of our lives. When we meditate upon our darker emotions, it affords us a unique insight as to why we feel a certain way. 

We develop awareness and expand our understanding of life. We can be more than one thing that’s for sure.

How to Start Meditating

How the dark can help you to see

No-one wants to be connected to their inner misery for too long but, we can develop during times of hardship and these poignant or painful experiences increase our empathy toward others.

Holding back the tears

We need to be able to express our feelings whenever we need to. 

If we bottle up emotions and traumatic events and try to smile through the tears, we won’t heal. 

So, it’s okay to say, ‘I’m not alright’. It isn’t a cry for help, it’s just honest expression. 


When life goes wrong, it takes time to come to terms with it. These are bleak moments in life, when a loved one dies or, a relationship splinters and it’s impossible to mend it. 

At these times, we must progress through the grieving process. If we do not sometimes wallow in the depths of these intense emotions, we cannot hope to emerge the other side. 

Acceptance comes in time and forms part of the healing process. It stops us from becoming stuck.

In pursuit of happiness and positivity, we need to remember one thing and that is, we cannot possibly appreciate the highs if we do not live through and accept the lows.