Are You Ready for Mountain Meditation Bliss?


Do you struggle to imagine beautiful scenes in which to escape to during your meditation sessions? Do you long to be able to switch off from everyday stress and to find peace and inner harmony in your own life? Don’t worry, if you need a little inspiration, visualize this.



If you meditate already and you love creative visualizations, you will know that sometimes it is possible to run out of steam and you cannot conjure up the type of captivating scene in which to engage your senses. It is so important to be able to switch off and to escape from the pressures of the day. If you long for a little creative inspiration but your ideas have run dry, this mountain meditation will help.

There are many different types of meditation and it is useful to keep your meditation practice fresh and engaging so that you look forward to each session. Some meditations engage and utilize the body’s healing powers, while others focus on the release of stress. Some meditations are about escaping from daily life so you can immerse yourself in visual imagery.

There is no right or wrong way to meditate. It’s about embracing stillness and turning the attention inwards. Meditation is a very powerful medium. It may take a little time for you to be able to offset any distractions that try to invade your mind when you start but, even so, persevere. Meditation heals the body and mind. It provides clarity and it instills a sense of peace.

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