[Meditation] Your Survival Kit Against Bubbling Rage


As fans of meditation, we are supposed to be all zen but, there are days when the obstacles of life and the people around us wind us up to boiling point. It’s frustrating but don’t despair or feel that your meditative practice has failed you, it can still help and here’s how.

MeditationStill waters bubble profusely

Have you ever wondered whether we are all a little controlled and too nice at times? When we meditate, we try to offset any inner angst and suppress those deep feelings of annoyance. Understandably, there are times when the frustrations of life gets to us.  We feel annoyed, no, we feel mad but we fight it all down and try to let that anger go. That’s all well and good but sometimes, perhaps we do need to let it out. Otherwise, that inner rage and frustration may just bubble over anyway.

Why triggers add up

We don’t mean to get mad but, sometimes, those around us are more demanding than usual. Unfortunately, this always seems to happen all at once. Stress and frustration becomes compounded. Children are crying, your partner moans at you for forgetting something important (or trivial) and then, at work, someone in stealth mode, appears to have hidden your desk under volumes of new paperwork. When did that happen?

meditationWhen stressors become mountainous

These are the days probably when you are already feeling a little stressed or tired and it doesn’t take much to make you snap. But, you meditate so why can’t you just shrug those fractious moods off? You did the day before and the day before that, so what’s different now? The reality is that the odd stressor is controllable. You take a deep breath and you let your irritations go. Even when multi-tasking takes on new levels, it’s still possible to shrug it off. But, when the irritations just keep on coming, that’s when small problems become mountainous.  


meditationIt may not seem like it when the rage is flowing through you, but meditation is still the solution. Instead of trying to quell those feelings, examine them, see them as they really are, understand why they have affected you. Instead of letting the emotions bubble through you while you meditate, see these emotions as words which can help to lessen the rage experienced but, you are still dealing with them and that’s important.

Whatever your frustrations, by visualizing them in this way, you create space between you and the emotion. You are not trying to disconnect but examine them, to deal with them and to realize something may have to change.

Forgiveness is everything

Breathe deeply. Forgive yourself for feeling upset. Forgive yourself for losing your rag. Embrace your humanity. Let your breathing become rhythmic and feel the muscles in your neck and shoulders gradually relaxing. Visualize the tension pouring from you as if water washing over you. Watch the tension pool in shapes before you and then, dissipate through the cracks in the floor. Connect yourself with the relief of these emotions and tensions as they leave your body.

When you are ready, you can finish your meditation, recharged, and with your mind and body balanced. Meditation is not a cure-all, it is a wonderful resource that helps you to deal with life as it happens. It helps you to be in charge of your response to stressors, but, never be unforgiving of yourself when life is tough.  Learn from it and just tap back into your meditation and keep replenishing that inner you.