Meditation – Enhance Well-Being and Overcome Conflict


Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a life filled with peace and harmony? Sadly, there are always obstacles strategically placed on the journey of life and conflict is often one part of these stumbling blocks. Conflict creates disharmony and dissatisfaction and it can be difficult to deal with it on an internal and external level. Meditation helps pave the way to reducing conflict and adapting a stress-free approach in life.


The reality of conflict

Conflict is everywhere. We can’t escape it but, we can learn to deal with it in the best way possible and this is where meditation comes in. Conflict often occurs without warning. We have conflict with those we love, or, conflict in the workplace. Sometimes, conflict escalates slowly and at other times, it occurs in an overwhelming wave of emotion, volatility or anger.  

Conflict is difficult because if not careful, we take it all too personally. It is one thing to take an impartial stance and to discuss issues which may conflict with the views of others, but it’s another when we take it too seriously, as it becomes an issue when it is emotive.  

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