The Best Way To Conquer Your Mind And Become Your Own Master


We all do it. We all damage our self-esteem and well-being by making negative predictions or berating ourselves when we do something wrong. Our thoughts yield much power over us and they affect how we act. So if you want to power-up your life, meditation provides the solution.

Meditation and toxic self-criticSelf-sabotage tricks

Have you ever wanted something so badly that you felt sick with fear that it wouldn’t happen? It’s easy to self-sabotage your potential by thinking you are not good enough to get what you want or, that the Universe is against you. When you start to think this way, you unknowingly limit your potential to do well.

Chain the inner critic and listen to those thoughts

You probably don’t realize just how many thoughts you have each day. There are over 60,000 of them, flitting in and out of your mind often, without your knowing it. Many of these could be negative and if so, they can strip you of confidence and self-esteem and, create barriers preventing you from achieving your goals. As a result, it pays to tune into these thoughts and to start controlling them.

Your thoughts do not rule

It may be difficult to gain control of your thoughts initially but, know this, you can replay negative events over and over or, you can worry yourself to death thinking that something bad is going to happen, but, your thoughts are not reality. Instead, divert your attention to something nice. Watch a comedy, read a riveting book or meditate. 

Replace negative thoughts

Instead of letting negativity run riot, try changing these thoughts with a more accurate statement. Instead of worrying unnecessarily that your partner is cheating, replace this thought with a positive statement of intent, ‘I will discuss my anxiety with my partner tonight and explain why I feel this way.’

When you face your fears head on, you defuse the power of your thoughts.

Train your brain

We all know that our brains are amazing and yet, often, they work against us instead of for us. If this sounds like you, consider rewiring your brain. It takes time, but you can do it. Every time you start feeling negatively will change your thoughts to positive ones. Keep repeating this until your brain gets the message.


Meditation is a wonderful way to banish negative thoughts, to stop self-defeating attitudes and to fill your body and mind with peace and harmony. Try to meditate each day. Even five minutes first thing in the morning can increase your happiness levels. If you start to feel under pressure and negative at work, find a quiet space, close your eyes and meditate. Visualize yourself looking relaxed and happy. Notice how you are smiling. Soon, stress will dissipate. Then, in the evening, meditate for twenty-thirty minutes and wind down. Soon, there will be no need for negative thoughts because you will feel relaxed, happy and in control.