How Meditation Can Help You On The Road To Success


If you consider that meditation becomes a lifeline to hold onto even when the path ahead may be rocky and littered with obstacles to overcome, it makes sense to practice it with enthusiasm, right? If you’ve never tried meditation before, it’s time to discover your own blueprint to success.


Develop your meditation habit

When you start practicing meditation, you very quickly realize it is likely to be the most positive habit you have ever had in your life. It affords a sense of wisdom that you may never have experienced before. It enables your natural curiosity to be expanded. Your mind opens and you develop a unique insight into the pathway forward which may be littered with stumbling blocks. Obstacles can be overcome or neatly side-stepped. 

Sneak a look into your own mind

Once you start on your meditation journey, you instinctively learn more about you than you can imagine. You may think that you understand who you are and why you act in the way you do but, meditation shines a light into those dark corners created through past and present experiences.

Meditation is non-judgmental. As you gain important glimpses into the person you truly are, you must not let regret, unresolved emotions or unhappiness weave itself around your conscious mind. Instead, you simply acknowledge these insights and you learn to forge your own way forward rather than being governed by the secrets that may be hidden deep in the recesses of your mind. While this may sound sinister, don’t let any revelations shake you from studying and practicing meditation. The benefits are colossal.

Ready to get started?

Developing mastery of the mind takes time. Don’t let this put you off in any way shape or form. Whenever you start learning a new skill, it takes time to make it instinctive. Start with meditating for just a few minutes at a time, do this each day and gradually extend it. Try to keep your mind focused, shake off distractions but don’t become judgmental or frustrated if your thoughts start to go crazy. That’s just ‘monkey mind’ playing around. In time, you’ll tame this contentious beast and you’ll find stillness and peace within your mind.


Meditate each morning

The best time to meditate is each morning when you first wake up. If you do this every day for approximately one month, you will have developed a healthy habit that will remain with you. Plus, when you meditate in the morning, you clear your mind, you shake off the remnants of sleep and you start the day in a positive way.

Follow up with a night-time meditation

We all know the importance of sleep so, a night-time meditation will relax mind and body. It will enable you to drift off naturally into a deep, nurturing sleep and, your sleep pattern will improve greatly. Some people get very irritated with themselves if they fall asleep but, there is no point letting frustration poison your meditative practice. Instead, try to focus on your meditation but, if you do become so relaxed that you give way to the urge to sleep, let it happen. You are still gaining a great many benefits.


How to meditate

It doesn’t really matter if you sit or lie down, you just need to do it. Find out what works for you and make sure your posture is comfortable. If sitting in a cross-legged position is difficult, then, don’t. Why make it difficult for yourself? Sit in a comfortable chair, make sure your spine is erect and there is space between your head and shoulders. Do not slump. Imagine a string attached from the top of your head to the ceiling. Keep your shoulders relaxed. If you wish to lie down and your lower back aches, place a pillow under your knees as this will take pressure away from the spine. The trick with meditation is to persevere. If you need to use a guided meditation CD, then do so, it’s about gaining the benefits.

Develop awareness

It’s important to stay in tune with your mind and body. Consider how your body feels. Are you in the right position? Does your body ache? Change position if you need to. Provide a body scan and try to mentally let go of tension in any area of the body. This becomes easier in time. Consider your mind, are you finding it difficult to keep distractions at bay? Are thoughts crowding your mind? Don’t worry about why it is happening at this point, just understand that it is.

Utilize the breath

Breathing techniques play an important part of the meditation process. You should focus just on the breath as you enter the meditation. This will naturally help you to let go of issues connected with the daily grind. You’ll feel better, and, you’ll start controlling your mind as you follow the breath, gently in and out of your body. In time, you can extend the breath, counting the inhalation and exhalation, or holding the breath for a period, before releasing. You can also use the breath for healing purposes.


Open the mind

Your thoughts and feelings are a part of you and it’s not always possible to prevent them from spilling into your meditative state. Sometimes, the goal will be to quieten the mind. At other times, it will be to listen to yourself and to strengthen the link between mind, body and spirit. If your mind wanders, bring it back, gently but firmly. Open your mind to the potential of meditation and stay with whatever occurs. If you feel rising sensations of anger or frustration, tune into these thoughts before letting them drift away.

When ready, shift your attention to the sounds around you. Become aware of them, then, shift again, this time, it’s the energy that you are tuning into, the atmosphere or the lights. This can be an interlinking, ever-changing shift of focus, or, you can choose just one and connect with this for the duration.

The flexibility of meditation

It doesn’t matter how busy you are in life, there’s always time and space for meditation if you choose to practice. It may be a short five-minute refresher meditation or, a healing one for when your body needs a surge of positive energy. You can also take your meditative practice on the road if travelling. Find ten minutes when in your hotel room to let go of any tension or anxiousness and instead, develop positive thoughts. Meditation may not always be easy, but it’s so beneficial that it will change your life. You must follow this blueprint for success.