[Meditation and PTSD] How To Recover From Life-Threatening Traumas


Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) has a debilitating impact on life. It happens when someone witnesses or experiences a life-threatening event and leads to traumatic flashbacks. Meditation is now part of the recovery process.

meditation and ptsd

Meditation and PTSD

Many people have suffered from the impact of post-traumatic stress disorder after becoming involved in or witnessing a traumatic event, and although traditional methods of healing are useful, it’s good that meditation and PTSD are now being linked. Recent studies have indicated that meditation may be useful for treating those who have PTSD.

It is an extremely debilitating disorder that seeps into and often destroys the lives of those who have it. Using holistic methods of treatment is a positive step forward. It helps redirect the individual’s focus away from the emotion itself but towards an alternate state of consciousness. Transcendental meditation is currently being utilized in this way and so, meditation and PTSD may forge an important liaison going forward.

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