Meditate Heartbreak Away


Heartbreak has the power to wound irrespective of age, experience and situation. Although it is a part of life, it’s something we all dread and, can take months or even years to recover from emotional trauma. When pain threatens to engulf you, meditate heartbreak away.

Step one – consider the facts

It’s hard to be dispassionate about a situation which is clearly hurtful. Take some time to yourself and make notes as to whether you were truly happy or not. Perhaps you did feel that some aspects of the relationship were not working for you personally. Write them down. This won’t take the emotional angst away, but it will allow you to step back from the emotions and to analyze a little. This is why you must meditate because within each session, you will regain a segment of self and find some inner peace.

Step two – analyze the fabric of the relationship

Although you may feel rejected and it’s possible that your self-esteem will have taken a hard knock, consider whether the foundations of your relationship were already crumbling and, perhaps your partner had accepted the reality before you.  Meditate to boost your self-esteem and awareness. 

Step three – nurture yourself

Whatever the cause of the breakup, be kind to yourself. We all make mistakes within relationships, it’s natural, and we all must learn from these mistakes too. If your partner was unfaithful, this brings a new set of problems and it will take longer to come to terms with such a betrayal. You must work on this aspect of self before you can hope to develop a more suitable relationship going forward. Too often, we hold bitterness to us when instead, we should let it go. 

Step four – build the foundations of change

Make a vow to yourself that you will work to rebuild your life slowly and surely and not rush into anything through feeling lonely or through grieving for your lost love. Many people bury emotional pain, but it is important to work through it and to face it. Of course, this is difficult but in the coming weeks and months, you will be glad you did.

meditateStep five – meditate your heartbreak away

Meditation may well become a lifeline during this emotional phase of your life. You will find that it can greatly improve your self-worth so that you value yourself. After all, if you don’t, who will? When you meditate, focus on the healing aspects of the session.

Imagine blue healing air filling your lungs and working its way throughout your body replenishing every aspect of you. For this moment, forget about everything else, just focus on visualizing the color and the breath. Fill your lungs with healing oxygen. Breathe out regrets, emotional angst and heartbreak.

Create space between your thoughts and feelings and escape into the corridor of the mind. This is where your heartbreak can start to heal. Let no judgmental thoughts or what if’s fill your mind. Imagine this blue healing air surrounding you now, protecting you in life. Now, visualize the shade of blue, whether wispy or thick, whether tangible to touch or just visible to your eyes, see it drifting by. Switch your attention away from emotional turmoil and focus on healing and protecting yourself. 

Learn to control your situation with the power of your mind. You are not disassociating from the pain or ignoring the emotions, but when you meditate, you tune into what is needed at the time. Healing varies from person to person and will of course, depend on the situation, but it is important to form the foundations of healing first of all. Heartbreak may be painful but when you meditate, you re-discover your sense of self.