How To Make The Most Out Of Your Meditation Sessions


Regular meditation sessions will improve every aspect of your life, but, although the results occur very quickly, you still must give it a little time. Here’s how to make sure your meditation truly rocks.


Meditation and the mind and body connection

One of the best ways of improving your meditation session is to open your mind and be prepared to enhance the connection between mind and body. This means, when you first start to meditate, tune into your feelings, emotionally and physically. You naturally learn a great deal about yourself when you dedicate yourself to a meditation practice. You need to understand what you are bringing to the session and the type of meditation that will help to heal or soothe you.

The importance of the breath

Once you are comfortable and ready to start, pay full attention to your breathing. Forget about external distractions, they will still be there when you finish your meditation session. Instead, feel the air, cool as it enters your nostrils and follow the trail of breath all the way into your lungs. On the exhalation, notice how the breath is warmer as your lungs empty. Repeat and then, let the breath become natural and rhythmic.

Develop positive, nurturing thoughts

Your mind is very powerful but know this, it can work for or against you. Often, we let negative thoughts interrupt the subconscious and conscious mind and these are harmful. If thoughts bombard your mind and you start to become frustrated that you cannot seem to control them, let the inner frustrations go. Accept that at the moment, these thoughts good or bad are a part of you. In time, you will be able to tame them, so they become more positive. Your thoughts do not become you even if they taunt you during the session. They may occur for a number of reasons, perhaps unresolved issues, inner irritability or anxiousness. Do not judge yourself, just try to let them float by without paying too much attention to them.


Are you clearing your mind?

If not, don’t worry. We often think that meditation is only about having space between thoughts and avoiding all thoughts or feelings and sometimes it is. But, meditation can be many things to many people. Some days you will want to deal with old unhealthy emotions, at other times, you will direct your healing focus towards a part of the body that needs it. There’s no wrong way. Just decide what you want at the start and then, work at achieving it. There’s no right or wrong way to meditate.

Commit to the practice

The main element of meditating successfully is to commit to the practice. If you truly want to learn meditation and to embrace all of the many benefits, then, you’ll do it. You will practice every day until you can switch off from all distractions and turn your attention inwards. Know that when you do so, you get a unique insight into yourself. You feel peaceful and calm as a result and suddenly, life becomes clear. You learn so much about your true feelings and your state of being, that meditation is an incredible experience.