Learn The Easiest Way To Overcome The Pressures Of Life


You stretch, you yawn and then, straight away your mind zips into overdrive.  You have already started planning out your day before you are even up and, oh yes, you are straight into autopilot mode. It’s essential to slam on the brakes and to find time to live in the moment.

live in the moment

Live in the moment vs the pressures of life

It has never been so important to live in the moment as it is today. Life is busier, more fast-paced and pressured than ever. Demands for your time and attention can come at you from all directions. Think about it. When you step off the rollercoaster of life, you find stillness, a moment of peace even while the world races by. Consider this, you are missing out on so much of your life by not engaging with it at all. Racing from one chore to the next without having a moment to call your own is not living, it’s existing.

The missing link

Sadly, we don’t have an automatic or instinctive function within the brain that tells us to switch off and to recharge. It would be much simpler if it did. So, instead, we must make time to press pause and to balance our emotions with our physical self. We are governed in the main by rising workloads and pressures and clock-watching simply because there is so much to fit in during the day. This means there is less emphasis on taking time out to be present and more focus on watching those minutes ticking by at an alarming rate. It’s a constant sense of rushing.

Put on the breaks and live in the moment

While we all have our own individual pressures, we need to put on the brakes sometimes and indulge in a little mindfulness. This can be as simple as utilizing some breathing techniques and focusing only on this for several rounds of breath. This can be incredibly calming. If you feel frustrated, tense and irritable during the day, taking time out at that point can save you time. It’s not so much about walking away from a situation – although that would work, it’s about finding time to call your own. It’s about acknowledging where you are at on an emotional, mental and physical basis.

live in the moment

Turn back time

Do you remember those far-off days of childhood? That was a time when you truly savored each moment.  You had time to embrace each moment and to extract all that was needed

That was a time when you truly savored each moment.  You had time to embrace each moment and to extract all that was needed from it. Therefore, time seemed endless because you lived it, you felt it and you experienced it. This is what you need to do now. Start small. Try to find time and space in your busy world so that you can meditate – even for five minutes. Just close your eyes and switch off from distractions and visualize yourself plugging into a natural energy source topping up your energy reserves. Be mindful. Notice how you feel and focus on what you are doing throughout the day. You’ll have more time and you’ll feel better for it.