5 Amazing Ways to Find Inner Peace Today


Are you feeling out of sorts and that your life is stuck in a rut? If your equilibrium appears to have vanished without trace, it’s time to make the transition back to inner peace again. Here’s how.

inner peace

The search for inner peace

Inner peace can be surprisingly elusive. One minute, you think you have it and the next it’s gone. You are settled nicely into your life and then, one event, even a tiny one can create a ripple effect across all areas of your life and suddenly, disharmony sets in. You may wake up in the morning and just feel out of sorts or a little disconnected with your life or, that somehow, something has changed overnight. Our moods fluctuate all the time and bad dreams can also make life feel a little unsettled even if you are not fully aware as to why. But don’t worry, try to go with the flow, you may just be in a little transition period and you’ll soon be back on track. Are you ready?

1.       Find out why

Sometimes, it only takes a subtle shift in the energies around you to unsettle you. Someone close to you may have taken a step closer to their dreams and you’ve suddenly realized that you have settled where you are now. You may have seen someone close to you progress within their personal life and felt a twinge of dissatisfaction that you are missing out. Equally, you may have just realized on a sub-conscious level that you are not achieving your full potential, and this has rattled the cage of contentment.

There are numerous reasons as to why you may feel this way and it doesn’t matter how huge the shift towards feeling unpeaceful is, or, how minor, if the feeling is there, don’t ignore it.  Make notes as to your feelings. Don’t bullet point them, let it all out in a long, rambling essay if you need to. At the end of it, read it back and you may discover what’s missing. At this point, you can make plans for change. Don’t skimp on this bit. Your inner peace is safely nestled at the finishing point.

inner peace

2.       Meditate and contemplate

Meditation is a wonderful way to find inner peace and harmony. It works especially well if you are only a little out of sorts and just need to calm any frazzled nerves or to de-stress. Go into the stillness of your mind and let the solutions come to you. It won’t take long, just become a quiet observer of your thoughts, let those that offer no insight dissipate and monitor others that come through. When you remain in the space between your thoughts, it’s a safe place to be. It’s like taking a physical step back from any situation and removing yourself from the intensity of all that occurs. It gives you time before you react.

Once you have discovered the main cause of your discontent, you’ll immediately feel more peaceful. Visualize yourself looking happy (it can take time to visualize your face) but persevere, the more you can create an image of you, the greater the outcome.  See yourself laughing, smiling, looking at peace and happiness as it radiates from you. Focus on this and let all thoughts disappear, push them beyond the boundaries of your mind if you need to. Do this in a non-judgmental way.  Keep practicing these positive life-searching, life-changing visualizations and they will empower you and keep you on track.

3.       Practice yoga

Yoga is another great way to find your sense of inner peace. It doesn’t matter how flexible you are and even if you can only move an inch or two into the pose, you can still the mind. The mind and body connection are very strong within a yoga practice. Think of it as a moving meditation while you stretch into the pose. Then, hold the extreme pose for you on a personal basis. There are many different styles of yoga and there will be one that suits you.

Most people are drawn to yoga for the numerous postures and the potential to tone the body. They enjoy the potential to improve flexibility in a very organic way, but, yoga is much more than this. You may start off by working on the physical elements, but in time, you’ll recognize and love the connection with meditation and beyond. If You can’t make it to a physical yoga class, sign up for a free trial of one of the many online yoga sites. You will see hundreds of yoga classes teaching you what to do. Have fun with it, enjoy the whole experience. Afterwards, you will feel fantastic.

inner peace

4.       Find time to reconnect to your higher self

We are a multitude of our past experiences, our present expectations and well-being and, the mind and ego all play a role in who we are. But, sometimes, due to the pressures of life, we disconnect from our higher self. We are led by the demands of work, our families, our goals, but we may not be following our own moral compass. Take some time to re-engage and see if you have stumbled off the path that is right of you. Redefine your values, consider your passions and what makes you truly happy.

5.       Practice gratitude

It may sound a bit cliché but, practice gratitude. You know that we all have things in life which we must be grateful for, even when we feel disconnected to that sense of inner peace or harmony. Everyone’s gratitude list will be different and that’s fine. It’s your life and it will be filled with good things. Sometimes, we forget about these positive elements and instead, focus only on the negative feelings within. It’s good to redefine these positive areas and to hold them close to you. It could be the love others have for you or it could be the loving feelings you have. You may contemplate your health, your determination and strength, or, the home environment you love. Write a list and spend time contemplating these amazing things that are unique to you.

inner peace


In conclusion, finding inner peace is important for all of us. When we start to lose it, we must do all that we can to bring back inner harmony and to regain balance of life. There are many things that can be done to engage with those peaceful feelings of contentment within. The list here will help you to do just this. Take your time with each one and truly engage with it. This alone will make you feel peaceful and contented so, why not start right now?