Including Meditation Into Your Life

Including Meditation In Your Life

By Hank Klinger | Monday Monday Staff -    2016-10-16

A person can’t just meditate and expect their entire life to change. Just like fitness and dieting you have to have full appreciation for meditation. Meditation will definitely help anyone, but there must be more than meditation to see lasting results.

You must learn to respect yourself, to trust yourself and appreciate yourself. Once you can do that it will feed into the world around you. How you perceive yourself, will ultimately relay to the people you surround yourself with. That’s what you really want. To accept and protect the people around you, the same way you protect yourself.

Meditation Is an Inward Journey

It all starts within you, meditation is a way of centering yourself so you can make the right choices in your life. On a day to day, moment to moment basis, you’ll learn to make better decisions through meditation. When the practice is coupled with good habits, your life will change forever.

Meditation alone will have an effect, but it will not be as powerful if it is not mixed with healthy habits. Reading, listening to audios and exercise on a daily basis are essential if you want to start living a better life for yourself.

Meditation and Mindfulness Work Together

Meditation and mindfulness play hand and hand with each other. Meditation is a great way to build a solid foundation that you can start focusing your life around. Through meditation, you gain awareness and acceptance, two important parts of a balanced and harmonious life.

When you begin the practice, it’s important to start small in a protected place. You always want to feel safe and be prepared for your experience. You’ll find that the more you practice the art of meditation, the more in tune you will be each time.

Keeping a Meditation Journal

After your meditation, it’s important to journal. You want to keep a record of your thoughts, feelings, emotions and any other circumstances that sprout up. Through writing, you will learn more about yourself and what you need to work on.

Including Meditation Into Your Life

New doors will begin to open for you. The doors will open in many ways as you progress through different levels of meditation practices. You’ll start to see new opportunities in life. You may find a new relationship or job. Your health could improve and really, any number of things could happen that start to create big changes in your life.

As spiritual doors begin to open, you’ll notice a different reflection when you look in the mirror. When that starts to happen, the awakening has truly begun. Here’s something very important to think about; however, it’s never straight forward. When you start to change and meditate, you will likely have set backs. There is almost nothing in life that is straight forward and meditation is the same way.

The most important piece of the puzzle is that you devote time to meditating each day. As long as you’re consistent and meditate daily, your life will start to change in ways you never imagined were possible.

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